Know yourself

That is the key for knowing everything. Ask the question ‘Who am I?’

Whatever you posses could possibly lost, one day that will be lost.

What you are, that can’t be lost.


2 Responses to “Know yourself”

  1. sadasivam Says:

    The whole work is very commendable and I am not competent to compliment it but I admire the clarity with which the essence of advaitic vedanta has been given.Sir,the efficacy (or the lack of it)of meditation has not been covered. What is the right type of meditation for a seeker can also be covered.

  2. Samvith Services Says:

    Great work Prasad. Superb way of presentation for the modern world. a great re-presentation. please do continue the good work. The articles here are a proof that the ancient Indian Spiritual discoveries treasured in our scriptures are still relevant to and can be understood by the modern mind trained in the western science. I can see your Guru’s Blessings clearly in this effort. –

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