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Path to Realization

January 27, 2007

As there is only one truth, all the paths to the truth merge into one.
They look different in the beginning due to the same effects of the ‘EGO’

The realization, I can say is the ultimate objective of the human form of life. This human form of existence is the nearest to universal existence and equipped with the body and mind capable of achieving the real goal.

The strong free will to achieve this objective is the starting point of the journey to this goal.
Several co-locations and experiences lead the way towards this goal and eventually all of us will get there little earlier or later.

All the religions, will try speedup this journey by prescribing the correct way(s) : As there is no universal medicine, there is no best path which fits all.

The best starting point is where and what you are. The best path is what your free will guides you. The clear and strong objective of achieving the ‘Realization’ should be the first and foremost goal and also the most important and the ‘ONLY’ goal.



January 24, 2007

Enquiry is only possible if the mind is free. A bonded mind can’t enquire. To be free -> one should be free from fear. Fear of losing something or fear of not gaining something. The absolute state of fearlessness is only possible when one is aware and fully conscious about the material belongings are only temporary and acquired or possessed for a temporary period.

History teaches the same fact to all of us. Where are the great kings and kingdoms built earlier? Are the great superpower countries will continue as superpowers for ever?

To know the ‘TRUTH’ one should be able to ‘ENQUIRE’ – To enquire one should be ‘FREE’ -> to be free one should be ‘AWARE’ of momentary nature of the material world.

And fear not lest Existence closing your
Account, and mine, should know the like no more;
The Eternal Saki from that Bowl has pour’d
Millions of Bubbles like us, and will pour.
From “The Rubaiyat By Omar Khayyam”

Relitive and Absolute Truth – Enquiry

January 22, 2007

Pleasure and Pain, Good and Bad etc. all are relative. They are not absolute. These fundamental duals are seen as absolute duality through the senses. Senses and Mind start to believe in these duality and always seek pleasure, good to own self (ego, or selfishness) at any cost of pain or bad to some other self (other ego and other selfishness)

There by creating the fundamental bondage -> this further strengthen all the bondages and makes the mind a slave of ego. Mind slowly puts on all these fears – Fear of physical, psychological, spirutual insecurity. Insecurity drives the material motivation to get more and more -> increasing the desire -> fulfilled desire will lead to more bigger desire and posessiveness and non fulfulled desire leads to anger and madness -> finally pushing the soul (the true self) to fail its original objectives and move backwards.

The only way to get out of this cycle of duality is to free up the mind and enquire for truth. Once the enquiry process starts, one should break all the beliefs and do the enquiry by self introspection.

One Truth, Many Ways

January 20, 2007

There is only one Truth: And there are many ways to reach it. Everyone at some point of the time in the life would get at least curious to know this Truth.

Not many of us try to enquire, enquire about the truth. We just follow some rules defined by either the elders, society or the religion and believe some of them and do not believe some of them.

The very enquiry into the basic definitions of Life : What is it all about? What is the final objective? Why am I here? is one way to get to the truth. But this way is not quick or easy. There are infinite possible scenarios and one can’t conduct experiments on all scenarios to either confirm that is the truth or that is false.

So, one need to have the capability to enquire, (at least have a desire to develop this capability) and the very interest to understand the method of enquiry to start the path of self realisation.

Single Universal Existence – An Example

January 16, 2007

There is a very well known example of ‘One Existence’:

  1. There is a single Ocean of existence, where all the water on Earth is United and ‘ONE’
  2. The water invisibly evaporates and forms clouds – This is an invisible phase of water cycle.
  3. As the rain falls over the mountains, small streams of water starts flowing downwards
  4. The streams will become revers they will be attached to the ‘Name’ and ‘Form’
  5. The water from the river gets drawn to various needs of plants, animals and humans
  6. But, Finally all the water goes back to the Ocean.

The whole existence is very similar, from the Single Universal Existence all the individual existence spring forth, inheriting some common and distinct qualities and get a form and name attached to them. Once they fulfill the need, they will very naturally drawn back into the ‘Single Universal Existence’

Is there a Measure for Ego?

January 14, 2007

Yesterday my son asked me ‘Can you measure Ego?’
The answer is ‘YES’ and I tried finding a nearest analogy in Physics. The very similar phynominan is found with the “Gravitation”

Let us imagin some form of mass, the fundamental properties are length, mass, volume etc., When it comes to the existence the gravitational force is directly proportional to the product of mass and inversly proportional to the squre of distnece between.

The egoic force is directly proportional to the ‘magnitude’ of the desire and the ‘urgency’ to fulill the egoic desire/sense gratification. It is inversly proportional to the ‘awareness of the selfishness’ of this desire —> The very awareness of existence of this ego or in other words it can be defined as ‘TRUE KNOWLEDGE’.

As we can never eliminate Gravity from mass similarly we can never eliminate Ego from existence.

Just by being aware of the Ego, one can stop becoming bonded to the ego and spend the entire ‘life span’ as a slave to the ego continuously working for ego and its gratification.

There is a need to measure the Ego level – Once every person in this world goes down by 1/10th point on the ego scale, the world will be 100 times a better place to live.

The Time Dimension

January 13, 2007

There are two ways of looking at time.

1 -> There is no present. Or the present tends to zero. The future is quickly turns into past
2-> There is always present. It is ever present or present is infinite. There is not past or future.

both the above view could be considered to explain an ‘ego-less’ space or existence

But the ego modifies this representation of time into three distinct past, present and future components where as the present is somewhere between 0 and infinite. This loose definition of time creates the illusion of becoming is more important than being.

Missing Connection – Effect of Ego

January 11, 2007

Let us try to see the impacts of ‘Ego Cover’ – The first bondage:

1. The fundamental mis-identification of the ‘true universal self’ as an ‘unconnected individual self’ and the association to the ‘name’ and ‘form’

2. This leads to a continuous need for ‘gratification’ – becoming bigger or better than ‘current being’

3. Leading to continuous longing for ‘wants’ rather than ‘real needs’

4. A failed achievement of gratification creates misery

5. This leads to endless cycles of good and bad, happiness and misery -> complete loss of freedom.

Finally ‘Ego’ takes over the ‘being’ by the confusion and conflict —> the ‘individual self’ will work as a slave to this ‘Ego’ bondage.


January 9, 2007

This ‘One Existence’ has no qualities and has all qualities in it. Different physical conceivable forms inherit one or more qualities of this eternal, non binding, ever changing, completely static and unqualified.

Right from the atoms, gases, liquids, solids, precious metals, strong things, weak things, several physical, chemical, electro magnetic and so many other kinds of properties used to group things (non-living) as well as plant, animal, vertebrate and invertebrate, living in water, on the earth, in air, single celled, multiple celled, very complex organisms (living) ===> all these are inherited and modified the base quality from the eternal and unqualified existence.

All forms of finite existences are inheriting the very existence from this ‘One eternal Existence’ – The only eternal quality from where all the other qualities are inherited is this unqualified Existence.

For example the primary quality of a living being is ‘the free will’ – Every living thing has this free will. Even a single celled organism can move towords ‘food’ and ‘grow’ then reproduce and cease to exist. All these ‘happen’ due to the ‘existence’ of ‘free will’

The ‘Space’ Connection

January 8, 2007

All the apparently individual existences are connected. As we all know from the scientific experiments, each atom is a combination of Protons and Electrons but the very arrangement of the Neutrons, Protons and Electrons and ‘SPACE’ between them has its own order.

This order or the arrangement of an ‘atom’ which is the basis of all physical existence is connected within is the ‘tiny space’. You see out into the sky on a clear day, you see a lot of stars and the ‘SPACE’ covering all of them. There is space which is covered by everything and also covers everything.

It is beyond the time paradigm. SPACE was there before, is there now and will be there in future. Much before the big bang, now and much after.

You can see it (?) feel it (?) and sense it (?) all along – it connects everything all across the conceivable and inconceivable being.