The ‘Space’ Connection

All the apparently individual existences are connected. As we all know from the scientific experiments, each atom is a combination of Protons and Electrons but the very arrangement of the Neutrons, Protons and Electrons and ‘SPACE’ between them has its own order.

This order or the arrangement of an ‘atom’ which is the basis of all physical existence is connected within is the ‘tiny space’. You see out into the sky on a clear day, you see a lot of stars and the ‘SPACE’ covering all of them. There is space which is covered by everything and also covers everything.

It is beyond the time paradigm. SPACE was there before, is there now and will be there in future. Much before the big bang, now and much after.

You can see it (?) feel it (?) and sense it (?) all along – it connects everything all across the conceivable and inconceivable being.


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