The Way Out

As the Mind is limited by the framework created by the time,space, matter,energy which are all part of gross sense data – One should try to raise above this framework to realize the true self which is beyond this framework.

This is a the fundamental disease called AVIDYA (darkness) due to which everyone is bonded and afraid and sinking in the misery.

1. Most of the people never accept that we have this disease (as a mad man never admits it)
2. Most of the people accept, will not try to cure this disease and blame fate or make some unknown thing responsible for that darkness
3. Some more of the accepted lot will keep dwelling on the best doctor/cure (look out for the best religion/belief)
4. Some will keep studying about the cure and never take the medicine
5. Some try to pretend that they are taking medicine – This will not help cure the disease.
6. Only when one approach the doctor with faith, and use the medicine will have the cure for this disease

Hence, the way out is to start taking the cure (medicine) with faith. The medicine prescribed by a realized guru to be taken in and practiced as prescribed with full devotion to get the realization.

Understanding that the darkness is negation of light and bringing in the light will remove darkness and darkness by itself never exists is the first pill of the cure to this darkness.


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