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Best of Breed

October 26, 2007

In today’s marketplace there are several specialized products catering for specific business function. As each product is trying to extend into other areas, there is a lot of overlap of functionality.
Architectural decisions are
1. Build – Tailor made solution for the business problem
2. Buy – Buy one product – Implement, configure and customize the product for the business needs
3. Buy best of breed products and integrate to provide solution for the business problem

There is a little catch in the option 3. Some times, the technology stacks of these best of the breed products end up incompatible and cause major issues to business after integration. The problem resolution takes generally longer than single product solution.

Meditations – Body

October 26, 2007

The meditation on the body

This body goes on carrying out electro chemical reactions as long as powered by the vital force. (Prana).

The input is some carbohydrate, fat and protein + Some oxygen from the air. The whole process of living is fully dependent on the resources created by the GOD. It is very beautiful to observe different functions of different systems. Today’s scientists put the figure anywhere near 50 trillion cells in human body. All these cells are consuming energy and living in one body performing their duty of nourishing, growing re-producing and dying in a predefined fashion. It was found that approximately every 7 years all the body cells would be completely new – One will have a new body every 7 years.

Each group of cells forming their subsystem and all the subsystems working in complete coordination is very beautiful.

Each cell in the body has its own structure nuclei which consists the DNA as the guiding principle, this DNA is a wonder, there are multiple copies of a software program (backups) are stored in each cell with an excellent mechanism not to lose the information in the DNA.

All the pathology of Human being yields same results in a clinical lab. Even though the DNA is UNIQUE to an individual.

Each cell is made up of multiple organic chemical compounds and the basis of all these compounds are the atoms.

Atoms have the protons and neutrons in the center and around that electrons. Further sub divided as sub atomic particles – Quarks

All these sub atomic particles behave as matter as well as energy. Uncertainty between particle and wave.

All this body is a manifestation of matter/energy powered by the vital force – another type of energy beyond the knowledge of Physics.

Before the death and after the death of the body the oxygen in the environment is same, all other chemical structures are same. As the vital force leaves this body – the organization and control of the body is lost and it starts to dis-integrate and mix with the gross elements.

The building of this body starts with two half-cells one from mother and the other from the father which is nourished by the food(from the plant kingdom) grows by the Divine plan and amasses 50 trillion cells in perfect organization finally ends back as decomposed organic matter to be absorbed by the plant kingdom.

Surely the body is changing every second. From the perspective of the Body – Vital force is unchanging.

Services and BPEL

October 19, 2007

Of late there is a lot happening on the service oriented architectures (SOA)

Approximately two years back, when the UK gas distribution networks have been sold to different private owners by the regulated business there was a need to “integrate” the business processes uniformly for the metering business work management applications where I first got into the this.

Is this new? when the c language programs were written a function used to provide a specific “service” to the calling function. It was call by value or call by reference and use of pointers that time. Later in multi processing systems the interprocess communication (ipc) was used to coordinate between the processes running on the same computer. Further to that the remote procedure call (rpc) came up. Multiple standards have come up from the rpc technology and with the advent of xml it finally transformed as web services.

SOA is not actually a software thing it is more of an architectural pattern. designing the business process as a loosely coupled services and orchestrating the web services using the business process managers is synonymously called as SOA.

The beauty of SOA’s success is in the appeal of legacy wrapping. No need of re-writing the legacy application. One can still use the core COBOL back-end program with a wrapped adapter in a web service orchestrated SOA environment.

Care must be taken while designing and defining services and the work flow. Properly designed business processes with the aid of BPEL looks very promising for the future.

God – Creation – Universe & Human

October 18, 2007

Nirguna Brahma – The unqualified
There is one ultimate reality called Brahman – God without any attributes, can’t be qualified, neither existing nor non-existing, Un speakable un imaginable and not definable …..

Saguna Brahma (Pure Consciousness)
God with qualities is briefly represented as sat, chit, Ananda – Named as Iswara, Brahma (with 4 heads), Vishnu, or Siva, Devi, Ganesha, Krishna, Rama and several other names. The surest and shortest description is Om. This is represented as a triangle with apex pointing upwards.

There is the “Asat” or illusion which is the counterpart of the Iswara which is represented as a triangle pointing downwards with the qualities as Satwa, Rajas and Tamas.

Both Saguna brahma and the Matter together makes whatever is ever manifest.

So the evolution process is thus as follows : from one unmanifest – Bliss (Ananda) , Mind (Chit) and Existence (Sat) – Subtlest form of gross matter – Space (Akasa), Air (Vayu), Energy (Tejas), Water (Ap) and Solid Matter (Earth-Prithvi) are produced.

Along with five gross elements their counterparts of matra (tanmatras) and sense organs are created. They are ear – sound – akasa, skin – touch – air, eye – form – energy, tounge – taste – water, nose – smell – earth.

The gross body is created with the elements + sense organs. It is controlled by the mind conditioned by the buddhi (intellect) which is directed by the desire. This microcosm called body + mind combination is identical to the macrocosm called Brahmanda – the Universe.

So the inmost controller of micro as well as macrocosm is the same God.

The inmost controller is in the Anandamaya Kosha which is in the Vijnanamaya Kosha which is in the Manomaya Kosha which is in Pranamaya Kosha which is in the Annamaya Kosha.

Body is controlled by the vital force covered by the mind directed by the knowledge powered by the Bliss.

Tat Twam Asi

Quality Measurement

October 10, 2007

Quality is very important for the success of any software project. This is an accepted fact The issue here is how to measure the quality.

Time, Cost and Quality is the well known triple constraint. How to workout this is taught and practiced by several project management methodologies like PMP and Prince2 etc.,

It is a general feeling that Quality is all about Measurement, defining the measure, collecting the data, plotting the data against an upper and lower bound and analyzing the results when there are cases of data falling outside the tolerance limits.

What is wrong with this? Nothing. But the key lies in defining the measure. There are several factors of the quality :- Functional Fit, Usability, Performance, Security, Maintainability, Testability, Flexibility, interoperability, and so on the list goes on unending with several abilities.

Most of the times, Quality measurement goes with a standard template developed by some quality champion with in the organization. There will be a lot of thumb rules applied. So, projects mechanically collect the data and fill in the spreadsheets required by the Quality people.
No one really cares about the figures as long as the customer is happy. When customer is unhappy there will be an additional audit done and few NCRs (non conformance reports) logged against the project. The show continues.

Quality Measurement should be done religiously to improve the quality of the project – Not just to fulfill the requirements of the Quality department and filling up spreadsheets just for the sake of it.

It starts right at the planning stage when identifying work items and the quality goals. Be realistic when doing this part of the planning to achieve the best results for both the service provider and the customer.

Real & Illusion

October 10, 2007

One thing need to be understood related to realization is the Truth is same before and after realization. When the macrocosm and the microcosm are same (that is the Advaita) In other words the Jeevatma is not different from the Paramatma and they are exactly the same.

A simple analogy to this is the Solar System. Imagine the Solar System to be the ultimate reality. The Truth there is Earth and all other planets are rotating around the Sun. As long as the view is centered from Earth, it looks like the “Sun raises in the East” everyday. This view is the false self (Ego) based view which is nothing but an illusion.

The Truth is the Sun always shines and due to the rotation of earth it looks like the Sun is raising and setting. This is the Brahma’s view which is correct. To realize this a man has to put a lot of effort.

The sun will not cause any Action on Earth even though the presence of Sun makes people on Earth to get involved in the work.

There are invisible forces which are binding the planets and their moons and the Sun together within the system. The overall arrangement is interdependent on each other to sustain the existence. The whole is never changing and also ever changing.

Just by moving the focus from the self centric view and being able to see the “whole as a whole” is the realization.

Nobel Doubts

October 1, 2007

The following are the doubts raised by the greatest seeker Arjuna (Nara) to the Lord Sri Krishna (Narayana) – the best possible teacher. For any of these doubts one can consult the divine song Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The Key question is “Who am I and Why am I doing this?

  1. I am confused, why should I fight? Why not should I renounce the action and become a Sanyasi? 1:29-46
  2. I am not sure what is right action and what is wrong. Why should I get involved in this action (fight)? 2:4-8
  3. How a realized person behaves? Look? 2:54
  4. When Knowledge is superior to Action, why should I get involved in Action? 3:1,2
  5. What makes a man commit sin? 3:36
  6. How Krishna (God) can teach the Yoga to Vivaswan? 4:4
  7. Which one is superior? Renunciation or yoga of action? 5:1
  8. Mind is very difficult to control and not sure how to control the mind that goes like wind? 6:33,34
  9. If one is not successful on the path of yoga what will happen to him/her? 6:37-39
  10. What is Brahma? What is Adhyatma? Adhibhuta? Adhideva? And Adhiyagna? What is karma? 8:1,2
  11. Everything is Brahma – Tell more about your power of yoga 10:12-18
  12. I am disillusioned – heard and comprehended your glory. Can you show the infinite form (viswarupa)? 11:1-4
  13. Your form is good as well as terrible. I want to know your origin and your purpose. Please tell. 11:15-31
  14. Please show your pleasing form. Sorry for all the mistakes done and silly questions to you. 11:35-46
  15. I have regained my normal self by seeing your normal form. Thanks 11:51
  16. Which type of devotion is best with form or formless? 12:1
  17. What are the qualities of one who as risen above the three qualities (satwa, raja and tama) 14:21
  18. How to classify the ones who do not follow the scriptural instructions? (To raise above the qualities and scriptures and being bound by the injunctions) – how is it possible? 17:1
  19. Tell me more about renunciation of action and renunciation of fruit of action. 18:1
  20. I am completely clear and my delusion is disappeared. I am ready to be the best instrument to you. 18:73


October 1, 2007

Patterns – well known problem – solution pairs. They are good to solve the common problems – only if the problem exists.

The designers tend to get carried away by the patterns and apply different patterns to the general templates only to complicate the design. Sometimes over applying the pattern results in performance and maintainability issues to the solution rather than solving the problem.

So, I know the common solution so I will create the common problem.

Even in solutioning a consultant tend to have certain patterns and provides solutions using those patterns. This should be only applied after careful thought process, considering all other parameters of solution being same.

Each business situation will have its own Uniqueness – So, be careful when applying the past knowledge (pattern) while providing solutions.