Nobel Doubts

The following are the doubts raised by the greatest seeker Arjuna (Nara) to the Lord Sri Krishna (Narayana) – the best possible teacher. For any of these doubts one can consult the divine song Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The Key question is “Who am I and Why am I doing this?

  1. I am confused, why should I fight? Why not should I renounce the action and become a Sanyasi? 1:29-46
  2. I am not sure what is right action and what is wrong. Why should I get involved in this action (fight)? 2:4-8
  3. How a realized person behaves? Look? 2:54
  4. When Knowledge is superior to Action, why should I get involved in Action? 3:1,2
  5. What makes a man commit sin? 3:36
  6. How Krishna (God) can teach the Yoga to Vivaswan? 4:4
  7. Which one is superior? Renunciation or yoga of action? 5:1
  8. Mind is very difficult to control and not sure how to control the mind that goes like wind? 6:33,34
  9. If one is not successful on the path of yoga what will happen to him/her? 6:37-39
  10. What is Brahma? What is Adhyatma? Adhibhuta? Adhideva? And Adhiyagna? What is karma? 8:1,2
  11. Everything is Brahma – Tell more about your power of yoga 10:12-18
  12. I am disillusioned – heard and comprehended your glory. Can you show the infinite form (viswarupa)? 11:1-4
  13. Your form is good as well as terrible. I want to know your origin and your purpose. Please tell. 11:15-31
  14. Please show your pleasing form. Sorry for all the mistakes done and silly questions to you. 11:35-46
  15. I have regained my normal self by seeing your normal form. Thanks 11:51
  16. Which type of devotion is best with form or formless? 12:1
  17. What are the qualities of one who as risen above the three qualities (satwa, raja and tama) 14:21
  18. How to classify the ones who do not follow the scriptural instructions? (To raise above the qualities and scriptures and being bound by the injunctions) – how is it possible? 17:1
  19. Tell me more about renunciation of action and renunciation of fruit of action. 18:1
  20. I am completely clear and my delusion is disappeared. I am ready to be the best instrument to you. 18:73

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