Meditations – Body

The meditation on the body

This body goes on carrying out electro chemical reactions as long as powered by the vital force. (Prana).

The input is some carbohydrate, fat and protein + Some oxygen from the air. The whole process of living is fully dependent on the resources created by the GOD. It is very beautiful to observe different functions of different systems. Today’s scientists put the figure anywhere near 50 trillion cells in human body. All these cells are consuming energy and living in one body performing their duty of nourishing, growing re-producing and dying in a predefined fashion. It was found that approximately every 7 years all the body cells would be completely new – One will have a new body every 7 years.

Each group of cells forming their subsystem and all the subsystems working in complete coordination is very beautiful.

Each cell in the body has its own structure nuclei which consists the DNA as the guiding principle, this DNA is a wonder, there are multiple copies of a software program (backups) are stored in each cell with an excellent mechanism not to lose the information in the DNA.

All the pathology of Human being yields same results in a clinical lab. Even though the DNA is UNIQUE to an individual.

Each cell is made up of multiple organic chemical compounds and the basis of all these compounds are the atoms.

Atoms have the protons and neutrons in the center and around that electrons. Further sub divided as sub atomic particles – Quarks

All these sub atomic particles behave as matter as well as energy. Uncertainty between particle and wave.

All this body is a manifestation of matter/energy powered by the vital force – another type of energy beyond the knowledge of Physics.

Before the death and after the death of the body the oxygen in the environment is same, all other chemical structures are same. As the vital force leaves this body – the organization and control of the body is lost and it starts to dis-integrate and mix with the gross elements.

The building of this body starts with two half-cells one from mother and the other from the father which is nourished by the food(from the plant kingdom) grows by the Divine plan and amasses 50 trillion cells in perfect organization finally ends back as decomposed organic matter to be absorbed by the plant kingdom.

Surely the body is changing every second. From the perspective of the Body – Vital force is unchanging.

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