Business – IT alignment

Business of an enterprise will normally need certain capabilities from their Information Technology resources. Different users at different levels of the enterprise would need access to right information at the right time. The customers and suppliers should be able to get the access to the right information as and when required. The information should accurately captured, stored and presented to the users as necessary.

In this process, IT resources are built in form of hardware – storage and processors, Network infrastructure. Software – OS, Databases, OLTP apps, BI tools.

Historically all this IT resources were procured, configured and maintained by the enterprises as a centralized department, then they started outsourcing certain functions. of late there are several pay per use solutions, hosting solutions and software as service solutions are coming up.

Coming to the topic of Business – IT alignment: At what level the alignment should start? CEO, COO, CIO/CTO should have this alignment done on a regular basis cascading the impact down to enterprise and closing the loop by getting the feedback from all levels.

It is a process (continuous) rather than a project (one time activity)!!!


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