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Satellite Scheduling & Genetic Algorithms

January 23, 2008

During the beginning of my career, I have spent approximately two years on a complex scheduling problem.

This link is a paper related to the original work:

Later, the same problem was analyzed and improved to use Genetic Algorithms by IIT professors. This link for the Genetic paper on the same subject:

After studying both the papers, I feel the original work has indeed used a “Genetic Algorithm”

Data, Information & Knowledge

January 22, 2008

Data – a precise fact mostly numerical, used to be processed to carryout some calculations like the interest on a deposit or a loan, or the wages of an employee in an automated way during the beginning of the computer age. EDP departments of large businesses used to buy the computers and use them in the data processing.

Information and analysis of the underlying data for improving the business decisions is the advancement due to the availability of enormous amounts of past data collected by the data processing machines. The processed data further analyzed, aggregated, segmented and used to aid the business decisions. Decision support systems and OLAP have emerged out of this need.

Knowledge is to provide some latent patterns and inference from the analytical information. To relate two or more seemingly unrelated facts to arrive at a relation is known as knowledge. The computing industry now working on this type of business intelligence using several pattern recognition and mining techniques to take advantage over the competition.

Most of the processing capacity is used to outsmart the competition. The real business intelligence is not in computing capacity; it is intuition. Artificial can never be intelligence. Intelligence can never be Artificial.

The question is “Can New Knowledge come out of Computers?”

Compressed Vedanta in four words

January 15, 2008

This is from Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s teachings.

deham – Body
naham – na + aham – not I
koham – then what is “I” (ko + aham)
soham – sah + aham = I am that. That I am

So, deham naham koham soham is the four word compressed vedanta.

Cloud Computing & Virtual Software Appliances

January 9, 2008

Virtualization and Web Services merged together to form the new form of cloud computing.

Virtual hosts offered as service using a fully automated monitoring, management and provisioning are called as Cloud.

There is no publicly available service as of date, but Amazon Web services is coming up with the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) in this model.

Once stabilized the clouds with virtual software appliances should remove all the hassles of deployment & provisioning. – Hope the best!!

The right concepts of "I"

January 8, 2008

I. Shadow
I was a shadow of a cloud trying to find the cause of me.
I realized the reason for the cloud is the power of Sun. If I want to see the reason for me (the shadow) I need to remove the cloud and eventually after removing the cloud “I” did not exist. There is no question of seeing the source and the seen. All became one.

II. Lump of Salt
I was a salt doll searching the roots of me and finally got into the ocean to see the depth of it. And eventually became one with the ocean there is no doll, no finding the source and no individual existence.

III. From Atma Bodha
Nirguno Nishkriyo Nityo Nivikalpo Niranjanaha
Nirvikaro Nirakaro Nityamuktosmi Nirmalaha

Asmi – “am” or “Being”

Nirguno – Not having Qualities/Attributes – Satwa, Rajas & Tamas
Nishkriyo – Not assuming ownership for the result of actions – Action less
Nityo – Not bound by the time past, present and future – Eternal
Nirvikalpo – Not having desire and thought – non-discursive
Niranjanaha – Free from falsehood – Truth
Nirvikaro – Not having Vikaras or change like birth, growth, decay and death – Unchanging
Nirakaro – Not having any form – Formless
Nitya Mukto – Ever liberated – Unbound
Nirmala – Not having any dirt – Ever Pure

IV. Mahavakya
Aham Brahma Asmi
I am Brahma

Aham = A is the first letter and HA is the last AHAm = From the beginning to the end – Which is ever existed.
Brahma = the source, platform and the end of all