TAT TWAM ASI & sat cit ananda

After a long samadhi, I finally found some quick definition for maya (Still within maya) But to express “silence” we use the word “silence” instead of “real” silence.

The sat (pure existence) and cit (pure consciousness) are same. That is what the statement TAT TWAM ASI is pointing us to. The word TAT literally means THAT is PURE EXISTENCE (also combined with the pure consciousness and ANANDA) where as the word TWAM signifies the PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (along with the sat and ananda) the equality of TAT and TWAM is what TAT TWAM ASI.

In duality we see the existence (sat) different from its cognition (cit) this differentiation is MAYA. Due to this maya our original sat is covered by the maya cit which is MIND. we see everything with a conception of MIND.

Adding consciousness to existence making it TAT and removing the maya from mind and making it TWAM and equating both is the ADVAITA SAADHANA.

The mahavakya TAT TWAM ASI is the realization of sat cit ananda.



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