Importance of Unlearning

Advaita Saadhana is nothing but a carefully drawn process of unlearning.

From a beginning less period, the individual jeeva learns the identification (or rather mis-identification) to the body, senses and mind and strongly believes that the mind and ego are the real self.

From this basis mis-identified thought of AHAM KARTA or “I am the doer” or with the “agentship or agency” one learns everything.

Learning leads to conviction in the concept. The concept of pain and pleasure are later gets strengthened by the concepts of BAD and GOOD in the society. Jeeva goes through the process of learning (or rather bondage) to the duality of pain and pleasure and bad and good from this perspective. (primarily due to the externalized nature of the senses)

Someone who is determined to go back to the natural state of infinite bliss, should consider this unlearning. It involves unlearning all that what has been learned from the beginning less time.

Once all that what is known is unlearned – one will achieve the freedom from the known. This is a part in removing the vasanas – the sastra vasana – the vasana of thinking that “I know a lot of sastra and I know it correctly” – one of the main impediments to the realization of ULTIMATE TRUTH. (the other two important vasanas are the deha vasana and the loka vasana)



3 Responses to “Importance of Unlearning”

  1. sadasivam Says:

    Yes, how true!

  2. Jürgen Says:

    » To stay young requires unceasing cultivation of the ability to unlearn old falsehoods. [Lazarus Long]» You live and learn or you don’t live long. [Lazarus Long]Lazarus Long is a fictional character by Robert A. Heinlein, the quotes taken from the Intermissions of “Time Enough For Love”


    Rightly said.

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