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Karma Yoga – Thrid Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

July 24, 2008

Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha.

Lord Sri Krishna explains the importance of Jnana and describes a “Stitha Prajna” – the person who is “established in wholesome knowledge” in the second chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Arjuna gets a genuine doubt:
3-1 If the Knowledge is Superior to the Action (Karma) Why the Lord is pushing him to carryout action resulting in lot of killing (the war)?
3-2 Give me a sure single answer through which means I can reach the BLISS.
Thus inquired, Lord Sri Krishna replies:
3-3 In the world they are two paths 1. Jnana Yoga (Samkhya) 2. Karma Yoga (Yoga)
3-4 Perfection is not attained by simply renouncing ACTION alone.
3-5 Everyone is helplessly driven into action by the qualities (gunas) born of nature (prakruti)
3-6 Defines a Hypocrite. Who externally stops action, but mind dwells in the sense objects.
3-7 Defines “karma yoga” and the stress is on the word “asaktaha” – without attachment
3-8 Do the prescribed duties otherwise even maintenance of body is not possible.
3-9 world is bound by action. but, again stress on mukta-sangaha unattachment
3-9 to 13 Importance of performing action as sacrifice
3-14 declares that the creatures of the whole world is arise out of action
3-15 states that the action arises from Brahma and Brahma from the “Akshara” – the imperishable
3-16 Who follows the indriyas (indriya-aramaha) is living uselessly.
3-17,18 Clearly declares There is NO ACTION for the one who rejoices the SELF in SELF.
3-19 Again stress on un-attachment in performing action
3-20 Gives example of Janaka who has achieved perfection through Karma.
3-21 Whatever a great man does the normal people follow the same. So it is important to set the trend of selfless action.
3-22 Lord gives there is nothing for him to do or achieve but engage in action..
3-25 says as the ignorant perform action with attachment in the same way wise perform action without attachment
3-26 warns that the wise people should not create shake-up of the mind in the ignorant (buddhi-bhedam)
3-27 Is a great disclosure – states that ALL ACTION is done by the PRAKRITI born GUNAS. The one who is deluded due to EGO thinks that HE is the DOER.
3-29 Again states that wise men should not unsettle the minds of ignorant who are attached to the work
3-30, 31 clearly states to surrender ALL action to LORD and the one who follows the teaching will be FREED from ACTION.
3-34 states that the love and hate (raga and dvesha) are due to senses and objects and they obstruct the path of a seeker
3-35 stress the importance of SWADHARMA – ones own duty

Then Arjuna rises an important Question of WHY one COMMITS SIN? (3-36)

Lord answers that desire and hate are due to the quality called RAJAS and this rajas is the all-polluting foe – the main ENEMY within. Desire envelopes the wisdom. And asks Arjuna to sly this thing of sin which is the destructive of WISDOM.

Then progressively the mind is superior to the senses, reasoning (buddhi) is superior to mind and The supreme is superior to the buddhi (reason)

3-43 “Thus understanding HIM (the supreme) who is superior to the reason, restraining self by SELF sly thou, O mighty armed!, the enemy in the form of desire difficult to overcome”
with this lord finishes the THIRD Disclosure of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

In a nutshell ALL the action happens on its own due to the Gunas born out of Prakriti. Due to the desire one gets bound to the action. (both good and bad action bind – there is no exception) By performing action as sacrifice leaving everything to the LORD without any attachment one gets freed from ACTION.

Om Tat Sat.