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Quick Recap of 20 years 8/8/88 till 08/08/08

August 8, 2008

My association with computer software is just turned 20 years. I have joined my graduate course in computer sciences on 8/8/88.

My first BASIC program
10 PRINT Hello Prasad
20 GO TO 10
went into an infinite loop.

An algorithm to interchange values of A & B without using a third temporary variable.
A = A + B
B = A – B
A = A – B
This proves a program can be highly optimized to use least possible memory or least of processor but can never achieve both at the same time. Optimize for bet processor utilization needs more memory usage and vice-versa.

Fascinated by the fact that the knowledge of direction of flow of current by the diode can make basic logic of AND, OR and NOT making a microprocessor consisting of highly sophisticated processing logic and studied digital electronics and microprocessor fundamentals with a great regard. Von Neumann Architecture of stored program computers, digital electronics and Boolean algebra were my favorite subjects.

In 1991 joined my Masters in Computer Sciences studying Algorithms, data structures, operating systems, assemblers. Developed a Intel 8085 two pass assembler using C language.

Interested in image processing, expert systems and operational research and optimization elected Operations Research and expert systems in my masters. Did a project using expert systems to provide training and advice for purchase process.

In 1993, joined Indian Space Research Organization and worked on a “Scheduling” problem of Low earth Orbiting satellites operations scheduling and successfully completed developing algorithm and implementing the algorithm in c language to produced optimized operations schedules at ISRO telemetry, tracking and command network.

In 1996, Moved out of scientific research and joined Tata Consultancy Services and provided Automated Branch Automation software implementation at various Banks in Bangalore. The main achievements during this period include installing a 1st ATM machine at UTI Bank Bangalore and implementing Voice response system at the same bank.

In 1997, traveled to Belgium on a complex design involving multi lingual HR system where an employee registered with one language, work for an employer speaking another language and the payroll data being processed by the processing company who would like to see the error messages in third language. Successfully implemented the solution using a CASE tool then called IEF which was later called Composer and cool:gen.

Traveled to Citibank Singapore, and Transco in UK on different assignments. Involved in implementation of Domestic Competition phase III at BG Transco for providing a supplier of choice to all 21Million households in UK.

In 1999, worked on providing integrated information systems to a TPML and BEML at Bangalore using varied technologies on UNIX and Windows platforms.

In 2000, back in UK at National Grid Transco involved in consolidating the UK-Link system architecture which was originally partitioned with 9 Oracle Databases. All the partitions consolidated to a single Oracle database. Key challenges included CoolGen and database migration to newer technology as well as getting the whole business process work as before after the technology change.

Worked on Reforms of Gas Metering arrangements and metering unbundling projects for Transco.

Technically lead a team involving multiple organizations and people from multiple nationalities and cultures to achieve one of the most complex spacial data migration project. The project involved migrating legacy vector data in 56 layers to new Oracle Spacial based ArcGIS system. A total of over 108 Million geographical features including over 28 Million Transco’s gas pipeline network assets were migrated. This being a safety critical project, the work got internally and externally audited to make sure the accuracy of this migration.

In 2004, working as a Technical Architect for the Unbundled metering companies, TMS and OnStream provided a complete AS IS and TO BE architectures and a high level transformation strategy to the customer. Provided tactical improvements along with the strategic road map which has improved the SAP back end system performance by 300%

In 2005 after returning to India, lead the offshore team of TCS implementing important changes to metering business in meter asset management area and successfully delivered the changes to best customer satisfaction (98%)

In 2006, left Tata Consultancy Services and Joined Oracle Corp. in Enterprise Management product suite as a Technical Lead.

Worked with internal and external customers of Oracle to quickly adopt the data center management solutions realizing the benefits of a centralized management console and simplifying, standardizing and automating several monitoring and management activities.

Overall it has been a great experience, learning and working across various technologies and people from different cultural backgrounds and corporate business processes.

It is 7305 days since 8/8/88 and every day is a new learning experience for me….

Oracle Database – Real Application Testing

August 5, 2008

When a pure technology upgrade is planned without any application change, or some performance improvements via patches or parameter changes are done to a critical production database it is very important to test the patch, upgrade or the parameter change.

This includes a test infrastructure setup with database, application and web tier components.
This is not only expensive but also tedious to build, validate and use it for testing.

The solution is RAT – Real Application Testing which can be used to capture the workload from the production database and replay on the test database.


1. No application or web tier infrastructure need to be setup
2. The Testing can entirely be done by DBAs
3. Much superior to testing the application with simulated load or with scripts