Practice – Saadhana

“Simple Natural Living and Profound High Thinking” is what the Saadhana all about. Have Faith in this simple truth. That is saadhana. Saadhana is like the prescription to the disease. The result is restoration of Health – The original state.

What you eat is what you will become. Conquer the three inch long tongue. This is the first step of Saadhana. For the sake of this one small tongue the whole body is put to trouble by the ordinary human being. Without a healthy body, no further practice can be done.

Eat natural, simple, balanced food sufficient to maintain the body. Avoid excess of sweets, spicy food, oil, salt, and other strong tastes.
Sprouts, unpolished rice, pulses etc give wonderful nutrients to the body.

The age of cells on the tongue is about 14 days. If you strictly follow a satvic food continuously for 15 days, the new cells formed on the tongue will start liking and relishing the sattvik food.

Asana – The good posture of sitting, standing and in overall living to be inculcated.

Clean the body externally, give sufficient rest and sufficient entertainment to the body. (yukta ahara viharasya yukta cestasya karmasu, yukta svapnavabodhasya YOGO bhaviti duhkahaa – BG 6-17)

Vital Force (Prana):
The air outside when enters the body becomes vital force. Regulate the breathing process. Get to the rhythm of regular full capacity breath to fill and EMPTY the lungs. This will help cleaning the 80% of the toxins produced in the body.

Drink sufficient water, as the water only becomes Prana as per the Upanisads.
Drink water early in the morning, 1 hour before solid food and two hours after the food. It will help cleaning body from inside. (remaining 20% cleaning)

Mind is nothing but the stream of thoughts, continuously changing and never sticking to one point. Try bringing the Mind to one place and one thought stream. Dharana and Pratyahara are the technical terms for this process. It is loosely translated into English as Meditation. Do meditation.

Naama Japa is an excellent tool for bringing the Idle mind to one pointed concentration. Take a favorite god and just repeat the name of the god. No praying for some worldly gain, no complaints to god, no requests, no desires…. Just chant the name. God knows what is best for you. He will surely give what you DESERVE. Have Faith.

Over a period of time the good qualities will automatically come into the mind.
Dama – control of senses in all situations
Daattam – charity to the needy ones in what you have
Daya – compassion to all beings

Use the mind as the tool to control the senses, developing the righteous path. To the continuous stream of right thoughts, unbroken and uninterrupted.

Knowledge (Vijnana):
Satsanga – Associate with the wise people. Associate with the SAT – the being. Association with wise alone can give the correct Knowledge.

Swadhyaya – Study the literature from divine scriptures.

Descriminative knowledge of eternal and non-eternal to be inculcated.
Whatever is produced, purified, transformed, obtained is NOT eternal. It could be destroyed, tainted, further transformed, lost over time.
Whatever has parts is NOT infinite.

The absolute whole without parts is the only eternal – That is supreme, That is self.

Vichara – Inquire into that self, The real I, the Subject without any objects.

Bliss (Ananda):
This is automatic for a Saadhaka who is regulating the food and posture, vital air, mind and developing virtues of dama, dattam, daya along with the association with the wise.

This bliss is infinite, everlasting and unending. – This is directly experienced. Yes – It is experienced directly – the original and natural state of the self.

Saadhana is not mere studying scriptures, discussing about the TRUTH. It is about practicing and directly realizing the TRUTH.



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    Very useful advice. Thank you!

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    Very nice ‘sum up’ that prasad. Thank u.

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    Dear Prasad, Thanks for such a nice blog on spirutuality. Thanks for showing the light and right direction.Thanks and RegardsRishi

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    Nice Blog, I have compared the Gayatri Mantra and Surah Fatiha (Quran) in a brief blog please see….

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