Hardware and Software

The Existence (sat) is hardware and the consciousness (cit) is software.
Software is nothing but a specific arrangement. It exists everywhere.

This is an attempt to draw some parallels between the Universe and the digital electronics, computers and the Internetworked world.

Due to the arrangement of their own structure, all the materials can be classified as “conductors” or “insulators” or “semi-conductors” a specific material’s capability to conduct or insulate the electricity itself is called the software with respective to the electricity (Purusha of Samkhya Darasana)

In PN junction diode we can see the manifestation of the most basic logic – consciousness of direction of electron flow. – This can be treated as the basis for all the manifestation. (Prakruti of Samkhya Darsana)

With this basic diode, a transistor can be made. Following on we can construct the “OR”, “AND” and “NOT” logic gates. (the GUNAS of Samkhya Darsana)

Based on the three basic logic gates, an Universal Gate like a NAND or NOR gate is built. Using the universal logic gate (SPACE) and a synchronizing clock signal (TIME) a microprocessor is built. This consists of registers (memory), a control unit, an arithmetic and logic unit(ALU) and the bus which allows the movement of the data and address bits. The subtle essence of each of these components can be called as tanmatras of Samkhya and their physical implementation could be termed as the mahabhutas (pancha bhutas).

The same microprocessor could be used as a controller of Input and Output devices such as serial and parallel ports, disk drives, printers, scanners etc., of various types – these are called indriyas (5 jnana indriyas and 5 karma indriyas)

A specific installation of I/O devices, a central processing unit with a version of BIOS (Ego) is a personal computer. This is a human body. This is an aggregate of hardware, software and powered by the electricity from a suitable power supply…..

This could be powered up in the full mode where all the devices are connected to the internet (the waking state), or all the internet is disabled and runs as standalone mode running an already downloaded game software (the dreaming state) or hibernate state (the deep sleep state)

Depending on the OS loaded, it will be either a Windows or Mac or Linux or any other flavor of computer, depending on the memory installed, clock speed, hard disk space etc., it is small or great. Essentially all that it is doing is processing the data…. taking it from the input device, doing something according to the loaded software (like DNA of human body) and putting it on to the output device. In the memory it holds several objects in different states – they are all REAL (as they were presented to the input devices – indriyas) takes decisions, gets into evolving the software to the next better version. In this process the software evolves to all GOOD and BAD software.

All this is nothing but the electricity or the electric signals in their specific arrangement. It is the same existence of the consciousness everywhere.

It is impossible to separate hardware and software.

The atom is an atom due to the arrangement of its constituent parts – protons, neutrons and electrons. There is software within the atom.

A cell in the human body also functions due to the software of DNA within itself

The whole Universe along with its own natural arrangement as a “single WHOLE” is the ultimate reality.


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