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విఘ్న దశకం

May 30, 2009

యోగాభ్యాసేన మే రోగ ఉత్పన్న ఇతి కథ్యతే
తతో అభ్యాసం త్యజే దేవం ప్రథమం విఘ్నముచ్యతే

ద్వితీయం సంశయాఖ్యం చ తృతీయమ్ చ ప్రమత్తతా
అలస్యాఖ్యం చతుర్థం చ నిద్రారూపమ్ తు పంచమం

షష్ఠం విరతి ర్భ్రాన్తిః సప్తమం పరికీర్తితమ్
విషమం చాష్టమం చైవ అనాఖ్యం నవమం స్మృతమ్

అలబ్ది ర్యోగతత్త్వస్య దశమం ప్రోచ్యతే బుధైః
ఇత్యేతద్విఘ్న దశకం విచారేణ త్యజే ద్బుధః

—యోగకుండల్యుపనిషత్తు (1:58 – 1:61)

English Translation from
58. If a Yogin is afraid of such diseases (when attacked by them), he says, “my diseases have arisen from my practice of Yoga”. Then he will discontinue this practice. This is said to be the first obstacle to Yoga.
59. The second (obstacle) is doubt; the third is carelessness; the fourth, laziness; the fifth, sleep;
60. The sixth, the not leaving of objects (of sense); the seventh, erroneous perception; the eighth, sensual objects; the ninth, want of faith;
61. And the tenth, the failure to attain the truth of Yoga. A wise man should abandon these ten obstacles after great deliberation.

The Four Quarters, phases, ages & "meanings" of life

May 27, 2009

The society is broadly grouped into four quarters:
Qtr1: containing the common men; the main “meaning” of life is fulfillment of desire (kaama)
Qtr2: containing the business men; the main objective of life is to gain more money and possessions (ardha)
Qtr3: containing the kings; the objective is to preserve and restore ORDER of the society (dharma)
Qtr4: containing the learned men providing the necessary advice to the rest of the quarters; the main objective of life for these people is to elevate themselves to the WISE MEN there by attaining the unlimited peace beyond all the bondage of the world. (moksha)

The lifespan of the individual is divided into four quarters/phases as well:
The Brahmacharya (student): Learning to live by the means of (dharma) and an essential skill set.
The Grihasta (house-holder): Living as per the dharma and fulfilling the desires (kama) within the limits of dharma.
The Vanaprastha (forest-dweller) : Gaining the knowledge of Ultimate reality by approaching wise men – ardha; gaining the ultimate meaning of life is the goal of this phase of life which is very important.
The Sannyasa (mumukshu – the ultimate truth seeker or YOGI): Practicing the YOGA and realizing the ultimate reality there by attaining the moksha

None of the quarters or meanings are superior or inferior to the other; when all the quarters perform their respective duties the overall meaning of ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE gets manifested fulfilling its purpose.

When all the four quarters perform their own duties in the respective four phases of life it is the “Golden Age” (lasts four times Iron Age)
When the dharma is adhered only by three quarters it is “Silver Age” (lasts three times Iron Age)
When the dharma is adhered only by two quarters it is “Bronze Age” (lasts twice Iron Age)
When the dharma is adhered only by ONE quarter it is the “Iron Age”

As the “wheel of time” rotates unceasingly, these AGES follow each other and the DHARMA seems to be violated and restored. Dharma is only apparently violated; it is ever preserved with the wise men who are beyond all the four quarters of the society. They exist in all the quarters and phases of life and in all Ages. The wise men are the unmoving AXIS of this ever rotating wheel of manifested universe (Samsara). Without the DHARMA, the wheel of SAMSARA can never go on…..

The role of WISE MEN in the society

May 25, 2009

Having understood the importance of ORDER and the correct order of micro and macrocosm, let us see what is the use of WISE MEN.

We know the wise man is the one who has restored the order and perfected the art of abiding in the true order of self continuously. Once achieving such an order, the wise man abides in the bliss.

What is the use of such a wise man to the society? How will it impact the order of Society?

The answer is: Such wise men are the TRUE EXAMPLES of embodiment of bliss. They need to be searched for, respected, approached for knowledge, and followed.
When the rest of the society follows such wise men, the society restores its own order.

When the advice of Wise Man is followed:
Administrators will have the right control over the business men. The “LAW” will protect the common man and control the business men.
Business men will do the business within the limits of LAW. The common man also will follow the common LAW set by the administrators.
Thereby the common man will be happy. The whole society will abide by the DHARMA and continue its correct position as a HAPPY SOCIETY.

When the advice of Wise Man is neglected:
The wise men are not respected, then the administrative people will start amending the LAW as it is convenient. Business men will corrupt the Administrators with the power of money. The common man will suffer.
All the way through, the WISE MEN is never effected by all the suffering caused by the corruption! (The wise men are always governed by the internal order – neither the external enforcement is required for them, nor the external disorder effect them!!)

So, the use of wise men is to set an example of living embodiment of bliss, provide advice to the honest seekers of truth thereby achieving the highest good for the society.


May 19, 2009

Having discussed the right order of society, let us have a look at the ORDER of the individual (MICROCOSM)

The individual is having a BODY & SENSES; a MIND & INTELLECT and a guiding Consciousness mixed up together.

Body makes the GROSSEST element of the individual which is made up of matter inherently unconscious. SENSES being the parts of the BODY they share the same qualities and they are only ACTIVE during the state of “WAKING UP”

Mind is a stream of thoughts; continuously moving, making the senses external and internal operate; It directs the senses and processes the data provided the senses. This operates during the states of “WAKE UP” and “DREAMING” of an individual.

Intellect (buddhi) is the discriminative intelligence; even though very subtle in nature it exists even during the state of “DEEP SLEEP” due to this intellect only one recognizes the movement of time through the DEEP SLEEP.

In the modern day world, BODY and SENSES are placed on highest position, and mind is getting controlled by the data supplied by the BODY. Intellect is made as a slave to the mind.

THE “intellect” should drive the mind and mind should be used to control the senses and body to experience the ultimate peace within.

A WISE MAN, will have the discriminative intellect as the driver, mind as the mechanical control, and senses as the engine of the car and rest of the body as the car is SURE of reaching the correct destination of the ultimate and everlasting peace. Only when the perfect ORDER of an individual is restored, the individual becomes a WISE MAN.

Bringing each component into its correct position within the hierarchy is called YOGA.

The TRUE ORDER of Society

May 15, 2009

Everyone is good at doing some kind of work. (in the MACROCOSM)

Work is capable of:
1. Producing a new aggregate item from the raw material
2. Purify a material
3. Transform a material in shape of size OR into another related material
4. Move a thing from one place to another place.
Work can’t do anything more than the above 4 categories. All work happens due to the “Will” or “Resolve” of a conscious being (MICROCOSM) only.

All the things produced are for the consumption. So, All people produce something. Similarly All people consume the products and services produced. A person in his production the role is called “producer” and the same person when enjoying the product is the “consumer”.

Common Man:
Majority of people expects high quality things for their consumption but the same “high quality” is not observed while producing stuff!!
General expectation of people when buying something is to pay the minimum price for the product.
General expectation of people when selling something is to get the maximum price for the product.
People who fall into this category are called common men. Any society is filled with this category people.

The next category of people who have good knowledge of products, their demand, supply, the changes of demand and supply dynamics fall into this category. They invent methods to make a common man buy their products at a reasonably higher price than what they cost!
They also invent methods to make a common man spend huge amount of money on their worthless product!!
This is the second largest population in any society.

This category of people are interested in the welfare of common man, trader and wise men. Their main aim is to keep the traders in the limits, provide saftey and security to the society, punishing the people who cross the limits of LAW etc.,

The Learned Men:
This is the minority of any society. This category of people are the ones who correctly understand the GOOD and BAD. They provide necessary advice to all the other sections of the society and makes sure the society runs smoothly and everyone is given equal opportunity to elevate themselves to the next higher level in the society.

A golden society is the one where:
The right knowledge is with the wise men;
The administrators are vitreous;
The traders have sufficient money to conduct the trade;
The common man is happy!!

Any part of this four quarters starts to malfunction, it will impact the whole society. The higher the malfunctioning the more damage it creates!!

The WHOLE and the PARTS

May 15, 2009

The relationship between the MACROCOSM, MICROCOSM and the ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE is that of a “whole” and its “constituent parts”.

All the parts with their “natural arrangement” forms the WHOLE. The WHOLE is beyond the sum of A + B from A’s perspective and the WHOLE is beyond the sum of B + A from B’s perspective.

Generally we study laws of addition as:

A + B = B + A but when the ORDER is important, then {A, B} is not same as {B, A}

so, the CORRECT arrangement of the PARTS makes up the WHOLE a UNIQUE SINGLE WHOLE.

Take a human being, he has head, two hands, two legs etc., parts. Only when they are all in the proper arrangement in the right order it is a human being. But a human being is an integral WHOLE – there is only one consciousness all across the Body, Mind and Intellect….

The ORDER of the WHOLE

From the above discussion we have seen the ORDER and Natural Arrangement is very important. That ORDER/Arrangement is called DHARMA = that which holds everything together.

It is the same consciousness that holds the MICROCOSM and the MACROCOSM all together as a SINGLE WHOLE. That is DHARMA and it is ETERNAL. That is why it is called “SANATANA DHARMA”

Who will really enjoy the essence of LIFE?

May 14, 2009

Having discussed about the ONE WHOLE and its appearance as two mutually distinct and dependent cosmos; The knowledge about the TRUTH and the purpose of attaining such a knowledge we have realized that the ultimate essence of LIFE.

Let us look at the “WHO” aspect taking the IPL as a parallel.

Let us consider the IPL tournament as the ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE. It has a MACRO aspect involving the stadiums, players, umpires, teams and the MICRO aspects of set of rules, emotions such as favorite teams etc.

The ultimate essence of the IPL tournament is to provide entertainment to the spectators through its SOUL called CRICKET. Here the CRICKET is everywhere, it is there in the whole IPL, it is there in the MACRO aspects, it is also there in the MICRO aspects; it is there in teams, players, initial rounds, semifinals and in finals; also in the the winning team, in the man of the match; in the bat and in the ball. CRICKET is the essence of everything.

So, there is a preparation phase for this tournament which starts with the stakeholders purchasing the players, forming the teams; organizers putting up the match schedule; venues getting ready for the whole tournament; bookies starting their speculations; fans start writing blogs; etc., Where is IPL during this phase? It was not SEEN…… It is originating as CRICKET as its soul.

And, on the starting day it will start with a big bang. The matches will start; everyone involved are immersed in the ACTION. As each ball played the equations change. Each ball bowled will result in some result. Media will analyze with multiple statistics. People are praised, Players are blamed, managements continue to change their strategies………. The show continues – THE IPL is sustained by its SOUL CRICKET.

Finally ONE team is declared as WINNER; a batsman as the best; a bowler as the best and all will receive what they deserve; some punters gained, some lost money; most of the bookies made money; media made its chunk of money; travel companies, hotels made their money; The IPL merges back into CRICKET. This IPL is no longer there.

This cycle continues; teams will change the players; some new rules gets introduced; the next IPL comes up…..

Now let us understand who enjoys the WHOLE as a WHOLE.

A person who as identified himself with the soul of IPL (CRICKET as its SELF) having NO STAKE in it is the best enjoyer of this show. He has no fear, anxiety or uncertainty from the beginning to end. Each ball, over, innings and the match played is an enjoyment for him.


A fan of “team A” likes “team A” winning. But dislikes loosing of “team A”
A fan of player B likes player B hitting a six. But dislikes player B getting OUT.
The equations, charts, statistics continue to change. It causes anxiety, fear, uncertainty in the fans, punters, managers and owners. It is purely due to the mis-identification of overall essence of IPL. All these defects are caused by moving away from the overall essence and trying to make some selfish gain out of the tournament.

When each player, each “actor” does their level best without attaching themselves to the RESULTS, for the spirit of CRICKET the whole show attains its real purpose – to provide best entertainment to the spectators.

In this world we are both the players as well as the spectators. As we play we should put our best effort to deal with the current ball. As a spectator we should enjoy each ball being played without any attachment to the results.

Why Knowledge about the "TRUTH?"

May 14, 2009

So, Let us get the “Why” question answered briefly.

As mentioned in the last post, the “ONE WHOLE” is the ONLY TRUTH at the highest level.

That alone is viewed as TWO distinct, mutually dependent cosmos established in one another.

As long as the KNOWLEDGE of the ONE WHOLE which is the basis of two cosmos (or cause of everything) is not realized, the pursuit for happiness will not end. As everyone know it, this pursuit for happiness is beginning-less and the primary cause of ACTION of the world.

As soon as the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH is realized, one realizes the wholeness inside and out, internal and external leaving no space for doubt, fear, uncertainty and all the other defects usually visible in the world.

This WHOLESOME knowledge of the WHOLE is the ultimate bliss called as “ANANDA

Human Being” with his body & sharp sense organs (B), “mind” (M),”discriminative intelligence” (I) put together as BMI should TRY the best to achieve this ANANDA i.e., enjoy the ultimate essence of LIFE.

What is Knowledge?

May 13, 2009

“Jnana” – Knowledge

That which will result in the experience, That which is pertaining to a preexisting entity (a thing, “vastu”) is Knowledge.

Knowledge always belongs to “the thing” whereas the individual perception belongs to the individual.

e.g. The knowledge related to a “COW” always belongs to the COW. It has four legs, tail, some color etc., When a person sees the cow, the person will “get” the visual knowledge about the cow. When a person “hears” a cow it results in the experience of sound of a cow. Similarly using the other sense instruments like touch, smell, taste one can get the knowledge about a Thing.

This makes the ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE into two distinct cosmos. One GROSS (sthula) another SUBTLE (sookshma)

GROSS WORLD -> is external in nature; it is also called MACROCOSM
SUBTLE WORLD -> is internal in nature; it is also called MICROCOSM

The MACROCOSM consists of infinite GROSS THINGS like galaxies, space, planets, non-living and living bodies etc., and the MICROCOSM consists of the infinite words, ideas, emotions, likes, dislikes. These are two infinities which are mutually dependent and representing the FORMS and NAMES glued together by the bonds created by ACTIONS of the individual.

The purpose of the “ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE” is to enjoy the “essence” of LIFE.

SO, To get the ESSENCE right, it is important to get the knowledge of the ESSENTIAL NATURE of microcosm & macrocosm.

శ్రీరామ హృదయము

May 13, 2009

రామో న గచ్ఛతి న తిష్ఠతి నానుశోచ-
త్యాకాంక్షతే త్యజతి నో న కరోతి కించిత్
ఆనందముర్తి రచలః పరిణామహీనో
మాయాగుణాననుగతో హి తథా విభాతి – ౪౩
తతో రామః స్వయం ప్రాహ
హనూమంత ముపస్థితమ్
శ్రుణు తత్త్వం ప్రవక్ష్యామి
హ్యత్మానాత్మపరాత్మనామ్ – ౪౪
ఆకాశస్య యథా భేద స్త్రివిధొ దృశ్యతే మహాన్
జలాశయే మహాకాశ స్తదవచ్ఛిన్న ఏవ హి
ప్రతిబింబాఖ్యమపరం దృశ్యతే త్రివిధం నభః – ౪౫
బుద్ధ్యవచ్ఛిన్న చైతన్య మేకం పూర్ణమథాపరమ్
అభాసస్త్వపరం బింబ భూతమేవం త్రిధా చితిః – ౪౬
సాభాసబుద్ధేః కర్తృత్వ మవిచ్చిన్నే(అ) వికారిణి
సాక్షిణ్యారోప్యతే భ్రాంత్యా జీవత్వం చ తథాబుధైః – ౪౭
అభాసస్తు మృషా బుద్ధిరవిద్యాకార్యముచ్యతే
అవిచ్ఛిన్నం తు తద్ బ్రహ్మ విచ్ఛేదస్తు వికల్పతః – ౪౮
అవచ్ఛిన్నస్య పూర్ణేన ఏకత్వం ప్రతిపాద్యతే
తత్త్వమస్యాది వాక్యైశ్చ సాభాసస్యాహమస్తధా – ౪౯
ఐక్య జ్ఞానం యదోత్పన్నం మహావాక్యేన చాత్మనోః
తదా (అ) విద్యా స్వకార్యైశ్చ నశ్యత్యేవ న సంశయః – ౫౦
ఏతద్విజ్ఞాయ మద్భక్తో మద్భావాయోపపద్యతే
మద్భక్తివిముఖానాం హి శాస్త్రగర్తేషు ముహ్యతామ్
న జ్ఞానం న చ మోక్షః స్యాత్తేషాం జన్మశతైరపి – ౫౧

–అధ్యాత్మరామాయణము, శ్రీరామ హృదయము అనబడే బాలకాండము ప్రధమ సర్గము నుంచి