Who will really enjoy the essence of LIFE?

Having discussed about the ONE WHOLE and its appearance as two mutually distinct and dependent cosmos; The knowledge about the TRUTH and the purpose of attaining such a knowledge we have realized that the ultimate essence of LIFE.

Let us look at the “WHO” aspect taking the IPL as a parallel.

Let us consider the IPL tournament as the ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE. It has a MACRO aspect involving the stadiums, players, umpires, teams and the MICRO aspects of set of rules, emotions such as favorite teams etc.

The ultimate essence of the IPL tournament is to provide entertainment to the spectators through its SOUL called CRICKET. Here the CRICKET is everywhere, it is there in the whole IPL, it is there in the MACRO aspects, it is also there in the MICRO aspects; it is there in teams, players, initial rounds, semifinals and in finals; also in the the winning team, in the man of the match; in the bat and in the ball. CRICKET is the essence of everything.

So, there is a preparation phase for this tournament which starts with the stakeholders purchasing the players, forming the teams; organizers putting up the match schedule; venues getting ready for the whole tournament; bookies starting their speculations; fans start writing blogs; etc., Where is IPL during this phase? It was not SEEN…… It is originating as CRICKET as its soul.

And, on the starting day it will start with a big bang. The matches will start; everyone involved are immersed in the ACTION. As each ball played the equations change. Each ball bowled will result in some result. Media will analyze with multiple statistics. People are praised, Players are blamed, managements continue to change their strategies………. The show continues – THE IPL is sustained by its SOUL CRICKET.

Finally ONE team is declared as WINNER; a batsman as the best; a bowler as the best and all will receive what they deserve; some punters gained, some lost money; most of the bookies made money; media made its chunk of money; travel companies, hotels made their money; The IPL merges back into CRICKET. This IPL is no longer there.

This cycle continues; teams will change the players; some new rules gets introduced; the next IPL comes up…..

Now let us understand who enjoys the WHOLE as a WHOLE.

A person who as identified himself with the soul of IPL (CRICKET as its SELF) having NO STAKE in it is the best enjoyer of this show. He has no fear, anxiety or uncertainty from the beginning to end. Each ball, over, innings and the match played is an enjoyment for him.


A fan of “team A” likes “team A” winning. But dislikes loosing of “team A”
A fan of player B likes player B hitting a six. But dislikes player B getting OUT.
The equations, charts, statistics continue to change. It causes anxiety, fear, uncertainty in the fans, punters, managers and owners. It is purely due to the mis-identification of overall essence of IPL. All these defects are caused by moving away from the overall essence and trying to make some selfish gain out of the tournament.

When each player, each “actor” does their level best without attaching themselves to the RESULTS, for the spirit of CRICKET the whole show attains its real purpose – to provide best entertainment to the spectators.

In this world we are both the players as well as the spectators. As we play we should put our best effort to deal with the current ball. As a spectator we should enjoy each ball being played without any attachment to the results.


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