Why Knowledge about the "TRUTH?"

So, Let us get the “Why” question answered briefly.

As mentioned in the last post, the “ONE WHOLE” is the ONLY TRUTH at the highest level.

That alone is viewed as TWO distinct, mutually dependent cosmos established in one another.

As long as the KNOWLEDGE of the ONE WHOLE which is the basis of two cosmos (or cause of everything) is not realized, the pursuit for happiness will not end. As everyone know it, this pursuit for happiness is beginning-less and the primary cause of ACTION of the world.

As soon as the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH is realized, one realizes the wholeness inside and out, internal and external leaving no space for doubt, fear, uncertainty and all the other defects usually visible in the world.

This WHOLESOME knowledge of the WHOLE is the ultimate bliss called as “ANANDA

Human Being” with his body & sharp sense organs (B), “mind” (M),”discriminative intelligence” (I) put together as BMI should TRY the best to achieve this ANANDA i.e., enjoy the ultimate essence of LIFE.


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