The TRUE ORDER of Society

Everyone is good at doing some kind of work. (in the MACROCOSM)

Work is capable of:
1. Producing a new aggregate item from the raw material
2. Purify a material
3. Transform a material in shape of size OR into another related material
4. Move a thing from one place to another place.
Work can’t do anything more than the above 4 categories. All work happens due to the “Will” or “Resolve” of a conscious being (MICROCOSM) only.

All the things produced are for the consumption. So, All people produce something. Similarly All people consume the products and services produced. A person in his production the role is called “producer” and the same person when enjoying the product is the “consumer”.

Common Man:
Majority of people expects high quality things for their consumption but the same “high quality” is not observed while producing stuff!!
General expectation of people when buying something is to pay the minimum price for the product.
General expectation of people when selling something is to get the maximum price for the product.
People who fall into this category are called common men. Any society is filled with this category people.

The next category of people who have good knowledge of products, their demand, supply, the changes of demand and supply dynamics fall into this category. They invent methods to make a common man buy their products at a reasonably higher price than what they cost!
They also invent methods to make a common man spend huge amount of money on their worthless product!!
This is the second largest population in any society.

This category of people are interested in the welfare of common man, trader and wise men. Their main aim is to keep the traders in the limits, provide saftey and security to the society, punishing the people who cross the limits of LAW etc.,

The Learned Men:
This is the minority of any society. This category of people are the ones who correctly understand the GOOD and BAD. They provide necessary advice to all the other sections of the society and makes sure the society runs smoothly and everyone is given equal opportunity to elevate themselves to the next higher level in the society.

A golden society is the one where:
The right knowledge is with the wise men;
The administrators are vitreous;
The traders have sufficient money to conduct the trade;
The common man is happy!!

Any part of this four quarters starts to malfunction, it will impact the whole society. The higher the malfunctioning the more damage it creates!!


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