The WHOLE and the PARTS

The relationship between the MACROCOSM, MICROCOSM and the ONE WHOLE UNIVERSE is that of a “whole” and its “constituent parts”.

All the parts with their “natural arrangement” forms the WHOLE. The WHOLE is beyond the sum of A + B from A’s perspective and the WHOLE is beyond the sum of B + A from B’s perspective.

Generally we study laws of addition as:

A + B = B + A but when the ORDER is important, then {A, B} is not same as {B, A}

so, the CORRECT arrangement of the PARTS makes up the WHOLE a UNIQUE SINGLE WHOLE.

Take a human being, he has head, two hands, two legs etc., parts. Only when they are all in the proper arrangement in the right order it is a human being. But a human being is an integral WHOLE – there is only one consciousness all across the Body, Mind and Intellect….

The ORDER of the WHOLE

From the above discussion we have seen the ORDER and Natural Arrangement is very important. That ORDER/Arrangement is called DHARMA = that which holds everything together.

It is the same consciousness that holds the MICROCOSM and the MACROCOSM all together as a SINGLE WHOLE. That is DHARMA and it is ETERNAL. That is why it is called “SANATANA DHARMA”


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