Having discussed the right order of society, let us have a look at the ORDER of the individual (MICROCOSM)

The individual is having a BODY & SENSES; a MIND & INTELLECT and a guiding Consciousness mixed up together.

Body makes the GROSSEST element of the individual which is made up of matter inherently unconscious. SENSES being the parts of the BODY they share the same qualities and they are only ACTIVE during the state of “WAKING UP”

Mind is a stream of thoughts; continuously moving, making the senses external and internal operate; It directs the senses and processes the data provided the senses. This operates during the states of “WAKE UP” and “DREAMING” of an individual.

Intellect (buddhi) is the discriminative intelligence; even though very subtle in nature it exists even during the state of “DEEP SLEEP” due to this intellect only one recognizes the movement of time through the DEEP SLEEP.

In the modern day world, BODY and SENSES are placed on highest position, and mind is getting controlled by the data supplied by the BODY. Intellect is made as a slave to the mind.

THE “intellect” should drive the mind and mind should be used to control the senses and body to experience the ultimate peace within.

A WISE MAN, will have the discriminative intellect as the driver, mind as the mechanical control, and senses as the engine of the car and rest of the body as the car is SURE of reaching the correct destination of the ultimate and everlasting peace. Only when the perfect ORDER of an individual is restored, the individual becomes a WISE MAN.

Bringing each component into its correct position within the hierarchy is called YOGA.


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