The role of WISE MEN in the society

Having understood the importance of ORDER and the correct order of micro and macrocosm, let us see what is the use of WISE MEN.

We know the wise man is the one who has restored the order and perfected the art of abiding in the true order of self continuously. Once achieving such an order, the wise man abides in the bliss.

What is the use of such a wise man to the society? How will it impact the order of Society?

The answer is: Such wise men are the TRUE EXAMPLES of embodiment of bliss. They need to be searched for, respected, approached for knowledge, and followed.
When the rest of the society follows such wise men, the society restores its own order.

When the advice of Wise Man is followed:
Administrators will have the right control over the business men. The “LAW” will protect the common man and control the business men.
Business men will do the business within the limits of LAW. The common man also will follow the common LAW set by the administrators.
Thereby the common man will be happy. The whole society will abide by the DHARMA and continue its correct position as a HAPPY SOCIETY.

When the advice of Wise Man is neglected:
The wise men are not respected, then the administrative people will start amending the LAW as it is convenient. Business men will corrupt the Administrators with the power of money. The common man will suffer.
All the way through, the WISE MEN is never effected by all the suffering caused by the corruption! (The wise men are always governed by the internal order – neither the external enforcement is required for them, nor the external disorder effect them!!)

So, the use of wise men is to set an example of living embodiment of bliss, provide advice to the honest seekers of truth thereby achieving the highest good for the society.


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