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existence and appearance

June 30, 2009

It was mentioned in the last post that “EGO” and “WORLD” appear.

What is appearance?

It is temporary; It is dependent. It depends on the observer (seer). It has a form and a name. It transforms and changes. The same WORLD appears to each individual ego as per the past conditioning.

So, What is existence?

Existence is being. Existence is independent. Existence is self evident observer (Seer). Existence is beyond all names and forms; The pure existence never is tainted like space. It is permanent, eternal.

Each individual goes through “three states” of experience on a daily basis.

1. When the person is in DEEP SLEEP, there is no WORLD appearance. No identity. There is only pure existence. Only the observer exists. EGO appears in its seed form.

2. When the person is in DREAMING, there is no distinction between the appearance and the observer. No differentiated existence. The EGO appears in a state of operation of layer 1. There is no distinction between the MACROCOSM and MICROCOSM during this state. There is only identities, names and forms but no likes and dislikes for this EGO.

3. When the person is in WAKING state, there is an external appearance of the WORLD; there is a differentiated appearance of ego and the WORLD. The EGO appears in its final form in two distinct components or layers and classifies experiences as pain and pleasure.

The “true I” is constantly there through all the three states of experience. The true I is the existence and the basis of all the rest of the transformation of the EGO.

The TRUE SELF or the TRUE I has never transformed all the way through the appearance and disappearance of the EGO and the WORLD. It was only the EGO which had all the transformations.

existence never known to not exist; non-existence never known to exist; so what exists is eternal; what is not eternal does not exist!

The TRUE SELF – REAL I always exists as the WITNESS (sAkshi in samskrutam) of all the three states of appearance; it has no transformation. All the transformations are for the EGO alone. The transformation of EGO reflect in the WORLD. The transformations of the WORLD appearance reflect in the EGO. They are dependent on each other for the appearence

The independent TRUE self is self evident eternal existence.

World and its controller

June 27, 2009

From the previous posts (post1, post2, post3) we have seen different impossibilities. They are:
1. the division between space and time.
2. division of space into I and Mine
3. aggregation of time into three groups – past, present and future
4. mixing up things that exist in two different times of past and future.

The above impossibilities have performed two kinds of miracles.
a. They have created an “apparent division” in ultimately indivisible TRUTH.
b. They have “apparently covered” the true nature by imposing limitations.

Due to this two miracles, the TRUTH appears to have transformed into layers of existence. These layers of existence are called MACROCOSM and MICROCOSM.

The layer 1 ego: (based on I & Mine)
We see that all the “differentiated existence” of universe strictly follows the OWN PRESCRIBED DUTY. SUN rises in the east! MOON waxes and wanes in a perfect cycle. This layer of ego has the combination is 50% Rajas and 50% Sattva. MACROCOSM has predominance of this layer ego.

The layer 2 EGO – based on Pain and Pleasure or rAga & dvesha:
This is built over the Layer 1 ego. We see that there is a continuous friction between the OWN PRESCRIBED DUTY that was chosen in the past and the desires of future. This EGO has 50% tamas and 50% rajas. Microcosm has the predominance of this EGO.

The SUM of work done by the forces (f) of individual egos is ZERO at any given moment. i.e (when d represents displacement)

∑ f . d of layer 2 ego(i) (i = 1..n) + ∑ f . d of layer 1 ego(j) (j = 1..m) = ZERO

The isolated system built by a set of two layer egos is called a WORLD. lOka in samskrutam. The pure consciousness that makes sure this system holds to the above equation is called the supreme universal controller = Iswara in samskrutam. With respective to an individual EGO the Iswara is pure sattva never tainted by any work done by any ego and always in full control of the world.

The WORLD is seen; Its controller is the seer. With reference to this seer the ultimate truth has never transformed…

But with reference to an individual EGO and its limited capability of perception that covers only a very small part of the WHOLE, it appears that the work done is not ZERO and its world appears to continuously transform!

Another "I"mpossible aggregation

June 26, 2009

We know that two things that do not exists at the same time can never be aggregated together. If salt only exists at time T1 and water exists at time T2, then there is no possibility to mix the salt with water either at T1 or T2.

Let us look at the “experience” – all the experience is in the past. There is no experience that exists in future. (there can be “anxiety” about future in past)
Let us look at the “desire” – all the desire is about future. There is no desire that exists in past. (there can be worry about the past in future)

The “I” thinks that that it is an aggregate (or a mixture) of
(a) enjoyer of past pain & pleasure; and
(b) doer of future work to gain more desirable experiences and avoid undesirable experiences.

If there is no past experience component then there is no basis to classify the experience as pain or pleasure.
If there is no future expectation component then there is no basis for the action causing experience.

I as the “enjoyer” (= bhokta) only exists in the past. (T1)
I as the “doer” (= karta) only exists in the future. (T2)

This impossible mixture of past I and future I is called EGO (ahamkara). This ahamkara would survive only until the true nature of self in the present moment is realized.

ego = dark impressions of past experiences + bright expectations about the future
ego = dark colored tamas + bright colored rajas

Truly there is only one existence ever present; due to this impossible mixture there are seemingly infinite number of colored “egos” in various proportions of past and future apparently exist. This causes appearance of multiple “individual beings” and the interactions based on the likes and dislikes between them building up “societies”.

Who prescribes own duty?

June 22, 2009

Obvious question after reading the last post – who prescribes the duty? What is it based on?

Who prescribes?
The duty was selected by the individual (“I”). The “free will” executed in the past manifests in present moment as “fate.” But the present free will may not like it due to the current conditioning of the body, mind and intellect.

What is the basis?
The basis of the prescribed duties are (a) the past actions and (b) present predominant quality. All the actions that were executed by the individual body, speech and mind as directed by the intellect will transform the forces of rAga and dvesha at micro level. Thereby the compatible forces will strengthen and incompatible forces will weaken the intensity. Each individual action will continue to re-configure the field of action the “Mine” (the Macro aspects)

(a) So, “I” is nothing but the sum total (∑) of all past actions.
(b) The current predominant quality refers to one of the three constituents making up any aggregate (∑). They are called inertia, movement, and regulatory control.

Let us go back to the past example of a clock to understand the three qualities.
1. The dial has a predominant quality of inertia. It just stays there holding the hour markers in the correct position.
2. The hands of the clock have a predominant quality of movement. They move in a regular fashion
3. controlled by the internal “regulatory control” mechanism. This invisible internal control mechanism is the heart of “I”

Let us see the human aggregate
1. The body has a predominant quality of inertia. It just holds all the organs together
2. The senses have a predominant quality of movement. They carryout all the actions both as input and output devices.
3. The mind along with the discriminative intellect has a predominant quality of regulatory control.

In samskrutam, these three qualities are called: tamas, rajas and sattva. Every aggregate will have these three qualities in some proportion. Multiple combination of these three basic qualities are manifested as infinite qualities in the macro and micro cosmos.

At the beginning of the life span, one picks up a set of most favorable seeds of action (the subtle impressions) from his own stock and plants them in the field of action (the body); All the way through the life span, continue to enjoy or suffer the fruits of those planted seeds, and collects further seeds into his stock of seed pile. With each set of planted seeds, the body takes the shape of different forms and gives different transformations and the pile of karma seeds continue to grow!!!

The “I” executes the free will to select a set of compatible seeds and plants it in the field of action “Mine”. This event is called BIRTH. All the way through the experiences the “I” due to current conditioning blames the “fate” for its current situation. This contradiction between the “past I” and “present I” is the cause for the breach of one’s OWN PRESCRIBED DUTIES. With the progressing time, the current crop completely fruitless at the event of DEATH. The “I” again executes the free will to choose the next set of seeds to plant in the “Mine”…..

What is skill in action?

June 18, 2009

If anyone has read earlier posts regarding the “desire” as the cause of work, it causes further work etc., at the first instance, people get to this question:

Then WHY work? Why can’t just stop doing all the work once and for all?

This post is to give some quick truths about the work.

Let us start with an example of a clock. The Big Ben. It has a dial with marks, a hour hand and a minute hand. The minutes hand is 14′ long and it covers approx 146 miles in a year. The hours hand covers much lesser distance due to its own nature. The dial do not move at all.

Let us start thinking from our original problem. Due to this experience, the “dial” starts feeling that it should start rotating like the hands because it likes moving, or hours hand desires to move at the speed of minutes hand or minutes hand wants to slow down as it is getting tired; If they succeed in their desires, what will happen to the overall purpose of this clock?

Each “individual being” has an unique nature/character/purpose called “own prescribed duty” to fulfill in this WORLD CLOCK of UNIVERSE. It is called “svadharma” in samskrutam.

Doing one’s own duty in its perfection is the absolute restoration of alignment of the individual purpose with the universal purpose. The “desire” comes only due to ignorance of one’s own duty. This ignorance causes the mis-alignment of action/work from the overall purpose causing all the pain. Only the work tainted/colored by desire need to be abandoned.

One can’t live without work not even for a moment. The secret of not letting the desire taint the work is to perform the prescribed duties in perfection. This is the skill in action.

నారద మహర్షి మాటల్లో ‘ఈశ్వరుడు – విశ్వం’

June 18, 2009

గాంధారీ ధృతరాష్ట్రులు దేహ త్యాగము సేసికొనుట అనే ఘట్టము శ్రీ మదాంధ్ర భాగవతము ప్రధమ స్కంధము నుంచి

విదుర గాంధారీ ధృతరాష్ట్రులు నన్ను వంచించి యందుఁ బోయిరో వారల నిశ్చయంబులెట్టివో ఎఱుంగనని సంజయుండు దుఃఖించు సమయమున తుంబురు సహితుడై నారదుడు వచ్చిన,
వారిని పూజించి కౌంతేయాగ్రజుడు నారదుని తో ఇట్లనియె:

అక్కట తల్లి దండ్రులు గృహంబున లేరు మహాత్మ వారు నేఁ
డెక్కడ వోయిరో యెఱుఁగ నెప్పుడు బిడ్డల పేరు గ్రుచ్చి తాఁ
బొక్కుచు నుండుఁ దల్లి యెటు వోయెనొకో విపదంబురాశికిన్
నిక్కము కర్ణధారుఁడవు నివు జగజ్జనపారదర్శనా.

అనిన విని సర్వజ్ఞుండైన నారదుండు ధర్మజున కిట్లనియె:

ఈశ్వరవశంబు విశ్వం బీశ్వరుండ భూతంబుల నొకటితో నొకటిఁ జేర్చునెడఁబాపు; సూచీభిన్ననాసిక లందు రజ్జుప్రోతంబు లగుచుఁ గంఠరజ్జువులఁ గట్టంబడిన బలీవర్దంబులుంబోలెఁ, గర్తవ్యాకర్తవ్య వేద లక్షణ యగు వాక్తంత్రియందు వర్ణాశ్రమ లక్షణంబులు గల నామంబులచే బద్ధులై, లోకపాలసహితంబైన లోకం బీశ్వరాదేశంబు వహించుఁ గ్రీడాసాధనంబు నక్షకందుకాదులకెట్లు సంయోగవియోగంబు లగుచుం; సమస్త జనంబును జీవ రూపంబున ధృవంబును, దేహరుపంబున నధృవంబునై యుండు; మఱియొక్క పక్షంబున ధృవంబు నధృవంబునుం గాక యుండు శుద్ధబ్రహ్మస్వరుపంబున రెండునై యుండు; నజగరంబు చేత మ్రింగబడిన పురుషుండన్యుల రక్షింప లేనితెఱుంగునఁ బంచభూతమయంబై కాలకర్మగుణాధీనంబైన దేహంబు పరుల రక్షింప సమర్ధంబు గాదు; కరంబులుగల జంతువులు గరంబులు లేని చతుష్పదంబులు లాహరంబులగు, జరణంబులు గల ప్రాణులకుం జరణంబులు లేని తృణాదులు భక్షణీయంబులగు, నధిక జన్మంబు గల వ్యాఘ్రాదులకు నల్ప జనంబుగల మృగాదులు భొజ్యంబులగు, సకల దేహి దేహంబులందు జీవుండు గలుగుటం జేసి జీవునికి జీవుండ జీవిక యగు సహస్తాహస్తాదిరూపం బైన విశ్వమంతయు నీశ్వరుండుగాఁ దెలియుమతనికి వేరు లేదు; నిజమాయావిశేషంబున మయావియై జాతి భేద రహితుండైన యీశ్వరుండు బహు ప్రకారంబుల భోగి భోగ్య రూపంబుల నంతరంగ బహిరంగంబుల దీపించుం గాన, యనాథులు దీనులు నగు నా తలితండ్రులు ననుం బాసి యేమయ్యెదరో, యెట్లు వర్తింతురో యని వగవం బనిలే దజ్ఞానమూలంబగు స్నేహంబుననైన మనోవ్యాకులత్వంబు పరిహరింపు మనెను.

Private Clouds Again

June 17, 2009

As mentioned in the previous blog post on Private Clouds, the vendors are coming out with some products on this technology.

IBM launched the CloudBurst and HP BladeSystem Matrix.

All the three types of private clouds look promising at the current moment; IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Service oriented, self-provisioning model of Cloud and the pay-as-you-go billing are key factors of success for Clouds.

cause and effect of incomplete learning

June 16, 2009

*ATTACHMENT rAga comes from the samskrutam root “rang” meaning color
*HATRED dvesha means dvi (twice) sha (poison)

The perceptions colored by ATTACHMENT (rAga*) and doubly poisoned by the HATRED (dvesha*) are the basis of all rest of the incomplete, defective “learning” process of an individual.

There is a two fold impact of this defective learning.

1. The cause of “I”
The subtle aspect of these perceptions will strengthen the thought of like and dislike. They leave impressions just like those left on the bottom pages of a note book after writing on the top page of the book with a pencil. All the past impressions form the individual character represented by the “feet” of the individual. The feet are called “charaNa” in samskrutam which also mean “character”
This is the CAUSE.

2. The effect of “I”
The gross aspect of the defective learning is the desire. Desires of getting likes and avoiding dislikes. This is representative of hands of the individual. The samskrutam word for hands is “kara” that represents action. The actions performed by the individual are based on the inherent character or “nature” of the individual. In a situation, different individuals with different natures act differently. These represent the current writings on the notebook. i.e., the present experiences. or “Actions”
This is the EFFECT.

This cause and effect together form the INDIVIDUAL. The relative social LAW (an instance of absolute basis of LAW) is built based on the “character” and “actions” of individuals making up that society. The basis of the social LAWs is the unchanging substratum whereas the relative code of conduct in the form of constitution, civil and criminal procedures continue to amend based on the law makers within the society.

The common-men represent the feet of the society, the traders represent the hands of the society, the law makers represent the HEAD of the society. The learned-men represent the discriminative intelligence as the “voice” of the society.

This inner voice of society says:
sarvE bhavanthu sukhinah
sarvE santhu niraamayaah
sarve bhadrANi pasyanthu
maa kaschit duhkhabhAg bhavEt

Let all beings be happy!
Let all beings be free of disease!
Let all beings be blessed with prosperity!
Let NONE be unpleasant!

As long as one follows his own defective learning i.e., the hands follow the feet forming a cycle of mixed (pleasure & pain) living incapable of hearing this inner voice and violating it knowingly or unknowingly.

As soon as the hands of the individual reach the feet of a “wise man” who has realized the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, the inner voice is heard by the individual and the UNLEARNING process starts automatically; finally leading to the original state of ultimate peace and bliss.

Google Fusion Tables

June 15, 2009

Q. Is Google experimenting with “Clouding” the “database”?

It looks to be…..

One can now upload upto 100MB table with a total limit of 250MB as of now to this new experiment.

It is surely a step towards taking the spreadsheets to the cloud. But will it pose a problem to BIG database vendors too in future?

Let us wait and watch…..

To know more about Fusion Tables go through FAQs and play around.

ఆత్మ శాంతి కి తేలిక మార్గం

June 15, 2009

శౌనకాది మునులు సూత మహా ముని తో:

అలసులు మందబుద్ధిబలు లల్పతరాయువు లుగ్రరోగసం
కలితులు మందభాగ్యులు సుకర్మము లేవ్వియుఁ జేయఁజాల రీ
కలియుగమందు మానవులు గావున నెయ్యది సర్వసౌఖ్య మై
యలవడు నేమిటం బొడము నాత్మకు శాంతి మునీంద్ర చెప్పవే

దానికి సూత మహర్షి సమాధానం:

అతిరహస్య మైన హరిజన్మ కథనంబు మనుజుఁ డెవ్వఁ డేని మాపు రేపుఁ
జాల భక్తి తోడఁ జదివిన సంసార దుఃఖ రాశిఁ బాసు తొలఁగి పోవు.

— ఆంధ్ర మహాభాగవతం నుంచి
(సద్విచారం చేయడానికి ఆత్మ శాంతి ఎంతో అవసరం; విచారం వలననే జ్ఞానం; జ్ఞానం వలననే మోక్షం కలుగుతాయి.)