Identifying the GROSS and SUBTLE of "I"

We have seen the MACRO – gross – sthula and MICRO – subtle – sookshma words repeatedly in the previous posts. The simple test to identify a thing as MACRO or MICRO is as follows:

When you share the thing with someone else, if it diminishes in quantity, that is called a gross thing. Starting from “space” ending in “earth” there are five GROSS things making up the world. They are space, air, fire, water and earth.

The things you can’t share with the other in true sense, even when you share with others they do not diminish in quantity they are called subtle things. There are four such things. They are time, directions, soul and mind.

Think into the mutually exclusive nature of gross and subtle things. They are so much mixed up in the world. Take an example of a person. The body is made up of gross elements but the mind is made up of subtle elements. But the person is identified with the “body + mind as a whole” as “I am”

who is this ‘I am’ before the birth (of the body) and who is this ‘I am’ after the death?

Everything else is dependent on this “I am”

The correct identification of this “I” leads to the ultimate peace and enjoyment. Incorrect identification leads to taking up further bodies and respective births and deaths.


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