What comes first? I or Mine

At the first look the answer looks very easy – I is first and Mine follows the I.

Let us see how to identify this I. When someone asks to introduce yourself then the first statement would be:

I am “xyz”.

in this statement I = “xyz” (the name)

But the name “xyz” was acquired by the “body” of “I” during a transaction called “Naming ceremony”. Before the name was acquired, (the body of) I still there.

Is the “I” – body? Body is continuously being destroyed and being built by the food provided to it. It is ever changing and has primarily six transformations – birth, existence, growth, decay, disease & death. All the way through this cycle the only thing remains constant is the Name identification. In one way the body was acquired by the “I” identification by the transformation called BIRTH.

As we already know the body belongs to the Macro aspect of this cosmos and Name or the MIND belongs to the micro aspect of the cosoms, the “I” should be something which brings these two together….

What is “Mine”
When you show the hand to a child and ask whose hand is it? the obvious answer is mine.
We refer to each body part and say my hand, my leg, my head etc., We also refer to My idea, my word, my knowledge etc., we often refer to the body as my body and mind as my mind. So, it looks like the possession of body and mind is by the “I”

But the “I” is not there without the body and mind.

Mine is the basis of I and I is the basis of Mine. These two seems to be established in one another in a “catch 22”. THEY COME TOGETHER.

So, at BIRTH, my body comes first then it acquires my name (identification) and the mixture of these two (called Ahamkara – EGO) continuously transforming; holding on to each other; all the way until finally known transformation called DEATH. (at the time of death “my body” goes away leaving NAME alone!)

Whatever is acquired in the flow of time will be lost again in the flow of time; Whatever the original acquirer that can’t be lost is the “real I” which is the center of this continuous transformation consisting of BIRTH and DEATH.


One Response to “What comes first? I or Mine”

  1. Prof.M.S.Thimmappa Says:

    I am happy to go through all the posts(13) so far and enjoyed reading every one of them as they are very simple, pure and authentic. I look forward for more fom Prasadji.

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