An Illustration of I, Mine, Past and Future

Let us try to draw some parallels of the concepts of I, Mine, past, present and future as discussed in last few posts.

Let us take the well known example of Sun and Earth.
1. When we take Earth as a whole without any boundaries, the Earth is always illuminated by the SUN there is no observable change that occurs in a cyclic manner.

2. When we mark out an area as “MINE” on this Earth with an identifiable boundary, this area is illuminated during the day and will not be illuminated during the night.

3. The day and night are cyclically follow each other. The observer “I” experience a sequence of day and night one after the other.

4. This experience will form a part of “subtle MINE (=MIND)” due to the identification of gross MINE (the bounded area on the Earth =BODY)

5. When “today” is qualified as present day, the previous occurrence of the day will be enumerated as past (-1) and the next occurrence as tomorrow (+1) this enumeration is only possible with reference to today.

I is the initial limited identification.

MINE is the area withing the imaginary boundary on the surface of Earth.

Naturally this I & Mine cause the sequence of changes to appear. When observed, the change makes an event happen.

The subtle identification of present day causes the pooling of past and future occurrences of the experience.

Individual action (karma) starts when the ‘I’ starts grouping the experiences as pleasure and pain and thereby desiring to get more and more pleasure and avoid pain. This individual action is caused by “desire” prompted by rAga (attraction) dvesha (repulsion) to certain experiences.

Thinking that the experience based on limited Identification as ultimate reality is called Ignorance. Realizing that all the experiences as relative and striving to get to the ultimate reality is the goal of human discriminative intelligence.


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  1. Prashant Jalasutram Says:

    Nice article.ThanksPrashant Jalasutram

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