What is skill in action?

If anyone has read earlier posts regarding the “desire” as the cause of work, it causes further work etc., at the first instance, people get to this question:

Then WHY work? Why can’t just stop doing all the work once and for all?

This post is to give some quick truths about the work.

Let us start with an example of a clock. The Big Ben. It has a dial with marks, a hour hand and a minute hand. The minutes hand is 14′ long and it covers approx 146 miles in a year. The hours hand covers much lesser distance due to its own nature. The dial do not move at all.

Let us start thinking from our original problem. Due to this experience, the “dial” starts feeling that it should start rotating like the hands because it likes moving, or hours hand desires to move at the speed of minutes hand or minutes hand wants to slow down as it is getting tired; If they succeed in their desires, what will happen to the overall purpose of this clock?

Each “individual being” has an unique nature/character/purpose called “own prescribed duty” to fulfill in this WORLD CLOCK of UNIVERSE. It is called “svadharma” in samskrutam.

Doing one’s own duty in its perfection is the absolute restoration of alignment of the individual purpose with the universal purpose. The “desire” comes only due to ignorance of one’s own duty. This ignorance causes the mis-alignment of action/work from the overall purpose causing all the pain. Only the work tainted/colored by desire need to be abandoned.

One can’t live without work not even for a moment. The secret of not letting the desire taint the work is to perform the prescribed duties in perfection. This is the skill in action.

One Response to “What is skill in action?”

  1. Prashant Jalasutram Says:

    Excellent article Prasad Garu and i agree with you.Om Namo Bhagavate Sri RamanayaPrasanth Jalasutram

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