Who prescribes own duty?

Obvious question after reading the last post – who prescribes the duty? What is it based on?

Who prescribes?
The duty was selected by the individual (“I”). The “free will” executed in the past manifests in present moment as “fate.” But the present free will may not like it due to the current conditioning of the body, mind and intellect.

What is the basis?
The basis of the prescribed duties are (a) the past actions and (b) present predominant quality. All the actions that were executed by the individual body, speech and mind as directed by the intellect will transform the forces of rAga and dvesha at micro level. Thereby the compatible forces will strengthen and incompatible forces will weaken the intensity. Each individual action will continue to re-configure the field of action the “Mine” (the Macro aspects)

(a) So, “I” is nothing but the sum total (∑) of all past actions.
(b) The current predominant quality refers to one of the three constituents making up any aggregate (∑). They are called inertia, movement, and regulatory control.

Let us go back to the past example of a clock to understand the three qualities.
1. The dial has a predominant quality of inertia. It just stays there holding the hour markers in the correct position.
2. The hands of the clock have a predominant quality of movement. They move in a regular fashion
3. controlled by the internal “regulatory control” mechanism. This invisible internal control mechanism is the heart of “I”

Let us see the human aggregate
1. The body has a predominant quality of inertia. It just holds all the organs together
2. The senses have a predominant quality of movement. They carryout all the actions both as input and output devices.
3. The mind along with the discriminative intellect has a predominant quality of regulatory control.

In samskrutam, these three qualities are called: tamas, rajas and sattva. Every aggregate will have these three qualities in some proportion. Multiple combination of these three basic qualities are manifested as infinite qualities in the macro and micro cosmos.

At the beginning of the life span, one picks up a set of most favorable seeds of action (the subtle impressions) from his own stock and plants them in the field of action (the body); All the way through the life span, continue to enjoy or suffer the fruits of those planted seeds, and collects further seeds into his stock of seed pile. With each set of planted seeds, the body takes the shape of different forms and gives different transformations and the pile of karma seeds continue to grow!!!

The “I” executes the free will to select a set of compatible seeds and plants it in the field of action “Mine”. This event is called BIRTH. All the way through the experiences the “I” due to current conditioning blames the “fate” for its current situation. This contradiction between the “past I” and “present I” is the cause for the breach of one’s OWN PRESCRIBED DUTIES. With the progressing time, the current crop completely fruitless at the event of DEATH. The “I” again executes the free will to choose the next set of seeds to plant in the “Mine”…..

One Response to “Who prescribes own duty?”

  1. Prof.M.S.Thimmappa Says:

    Superb clarity. Insight like " free will executed in the past", expression like "past I", "present I" visa vis 'fate" is indeed illuminating the reader splendidly.

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