Another "I"mpossible aggregation

We know that two things that do not exists at the same time can never be aggregated together. If salt only exists at time T1 and water exists at time T2, then there is no possibility to mix the salt with water either at T1 or T2.

Let us look at the “experience” – all the experience is in the past. There is no experience that exists in future. (there can be “anxiety” about future in past)
Let us look at the “desire” – all the desire is about future. There is no desire that exists in past. (there can be worry about the past in future)

The “I” thinks that that it is an aggregate (or a mixture) of
(a) enjoyer of past pain & pleasure; and
(b) doer of future work to gain more desirable experiences and avoid undesirable experiences.

If there is no past experience component then there is no basis to classify the experience as pain or pleasure.
If there is no future expectation component then there is no basis for the action causing experience.

I as the “enjoyer” (= bhokta) only exists in the past. (T1)
I as the “doer” (= karta) only exists in the future. (T2)

This impossible mixture of past I and future I is called EGO (ahamkara). This ahamkara would survive only until the true nature of self in the present moment is realized.

ego = dark impressions of past experiences + bright expectations about the future
ego = dark colored tamas + bright colored rajas

Truly there is only one existence ever present; due to this impossible mixture there are seemingly infinite number of colored “egos” in various proportions of past and future apparently exist. This causes appearance of multiple “individual beings” and the interactions based on the likes and dislikes between them building up “societies”.

One Response to “Another "I"mpossible aggregation”

  1. Prof.M.S.Thimmappa Says:

    Yes. Present, Now, with no thoughts of Past or Future is The Power of Now, the Being.

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