World and its controller

From the previous posts (post1, post2, post3) we have seen different impossibilities. They are:
1. the division between space and time.
2. division of space into I and Mine
3. aggregation of time into three groups – past, present and future
4. mixing up things that exist in two different times of past and future.

The above impossibilities have performed two kinds of miracles.
a. They have created an “apparent division” in ultimately indivisible TRUTH.
b. They have “apparently covered” the true nature by imposing limitations.

Due to this two miracles, the TRUTH appears to have transformed into layers of existence. These layers of existence are called MACROCOSM and MICROCOSM.

The layer 1 ego: (based on I & Mine)
We see that all the “differentiated existence” of universe strictly follows the OWN PRESCRIBED DUTY. SUN rises in the east! MOON waxes and wanes in a perfect cycle. This layer of ego has the combination is 50% Rajas and 50% Sattva. MACROCOSM has predominance of this layer ego.

The layer 2 EGO – based on Pain and Pleasure or rAga & dvesha:
This is built over the Layer 1 ego. We see that there is a continuous friction between the OWN PRESCRIBED DUTY that was chosen in the past and the desires of future. This EGO has 50% tamas and 50% rajas. Microcosm has the predominance of this EGO.

The SUM of work done by the forces (f) of individual egos is ZERO at any given moment. i.e (when d represents displacement)

∑ f . d of layer 2 ego(i) (i = 1..n) + ∑ f . d of layer 1 ego(j) (j = 1..m) = ZERO

The isolated system built by a set of two layer egos is called a WORLD. lOka in samskrutam. The pure consciousness that makes sure this system holds to the above equation is called the supreme universal controller = Iswara in samskrutam. With respective to an individual EGO the Iswara is pure sattva never tainted by any work done by any ego and always in full control of the world.

The WORLD is seen; Its controller is the seer. With reference to this seer the ultimate truth has never transformed…

But with reference to an individual EGO and its limited capability of perception that covers only a very small part of the WHOLE, it appears that the work done is not ZERO and its world appears to continuously transform!

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