existence and appearance

It was mentioned in the last post that “EGO” and “WORLD” appear.

What is appearance?

It is temporary; It is dependent. It depends on the observer (seer). It has a form and a name. It transforms and changes. The same WORLD appears to each individual ego as per the past conditioning.

So, What is existence?

Existence is being. Existence is independent. Existence is self evident observer (Seer). Existence is beyond all names and forms; The pure existence never is tainted like space. It is permanent, eternal.

Each individual goes through “three states” of experience on a daily basis.

1. When the person is in DEEP SLEEP, there is no WORLD appearance. No identity. There is only pure existence. Only the observer exists. EGO appears in its seed form.

2. When the person is in DREAMING, there is no distinction between the appearance and the observer. No differentiated existence. The EGO appears in a state of operation of layer 1. There is no distinction between the MACROCOSM and MICROCOSM during this state. There is only identities, names and forms but no likes and dislikes for this EGO.

3. When the person is in WAKING state, there is an external appearance of the WORLD; there is a differentiated appearance of ego and the WORLD. The EGO appears in its final form in two distinct components or layers and classifies experiences as pain and pleasure.

The “true I” is constantly there through all the three states of experience. The true I is the existence and the basis of all the rest of the transformation of the EGO.

The TRUE SELF or the TRUE I has never transformed all the way through the appearance and disappearance of the EGO and the WORLD. It was only the EGO which had all the transformations.

existence never known to not exist; non-existence never known to exist; so what exists is eternal; what is not eternal does not exist!

The TRUE SELF – REAL I always exists as the WITNESS (sAkshi in samskrutam) of all the three states of appearance; it has no transformation. All the transformations are for the EGO alone. The transformation of EGO reflect in the WORLD. The transformations of the WORLD appearance reflect in the EGO. They are dependent on each other for the appearence

The independent TRUE self is self evident eternal existence.

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