Creation in triple division

Note: Thanks to Praveen for making the colorful picture. Click on the picture to see the enlarged image.

This is an attempt to “visualize” the creation process and the mathematical division. There is really no way to verbalize or visualize this process. So it is an attempt to do the impossible. But the EGO will continue to try……

In the absolute truth there is only homogeneous existence, consciousness, bliss! It is being Everything keeps “nothing” as NOTHING. But due to the double negation logic, there are infinite EGOs helplessly in a dormant state of NOTHING. (on the x,y plane of above diagram. I, Mine identifications)

Iswara, out of pure compassion towards these EGOs “desires” to bring up the worlds. [see foot note 1] This desire is called “ichha sakti” illuminates a point on the plane of x,y. This point is identified as the “0” this identity made “nothing” an apparent object of perception for the iswara. Iswara desire is a pre-fulfilled desire. (apta kaama) With no effort of iswara, prakriti engages herself into action.
The first divine power iccha sakti divides iswara with the following equation

1/1 = 1 or 1 – 0 = 1 as seen in our earlier post. This is manifestation of a “bindu” – a point.

The iccha sakti having manifested in the couple of iswara, prakriti appears as attraction and repulsion powers in the universe (rAga and dvesha) They are together called as “kriya sakti” – the power of action, this kriya sakti extends infinitly on the y-axis of MINE forming the z,y plane – this z,y plane is called as Lakshmi (embodiment of all desirable things) and always owned by z axis in the name of Vishnu. This creates a two dimensional z,y plane and the equation is

1/2 = 1/2 (0.5 half) making iswara side of z axis as purusha region (energy) and prakriti side of the z – axis appear as prakriti region (matter).

The next identity evolves is the 3 in natural sequence. The division equation is like this

1/3 = 0.3 reminder (0.1)
0.1/3 = 0.03 reminder (0.01)

this capacity of infinite division is called “jnana sakti” of the tirad. Each piece of knowledge will have a object to know, the knower and the process of knowing. Only when the three entities appear the knowledge is possible in relative sense of this world. This jnana sakti is owned by the creator god BRAHMA identified as a UNIT CUBE extending the z,y plane into x axis making the three dimensional space – AkAsa. This three dimensional cube is the body of brahma (MACRO UNIT CUBE). It is limited by six sides or three pairs of sides. Each pair of sides are named as

a. bottom and top sides are called uma maheswara
b. left and right sides are called lakshmi nArAyaNa
c. back and front sides are called vANi hiraNyagarbha

with respective to any point in this three dimensional space.

This unit cube is having a capability of infinite division which appears as the time.
3 X 0.3 + 0.1 = 1
3 X 0.33 + 0.01 = 1
3 X 0.333 + 0.001 = 1
and so on….
when the reminder is 0.0000000000000000000000…..several billions zeros……1
the three dimensional energies apparently lock each other [see foot note 2] forming the atoms. The smallest known atom in the earthly universe is Hydrogen. This is called vAyu. These are the smallest perceivable stable MICRO unit cubes of the MACRO unit cube.

This Vayu engages itself in multiplication process, releasing different unit quanta of energy.
3 X 3 + 1 = 10
3 X 33 + 1 = 100
3 X 333 + 1 = 1000
This process generates the energy (in the form of light) and more stable liquid substances (apah).
The same process happens with the liquid which release more energy (in the form of heat) and solid substances (pruthvi).

During this process multiple LOKAS manifest in this UNIT CUBE. Three main lokas with respective to our visible universe are called bhur loka, bhuvar loka and swar loka based on different z-factors.

Due to the “ever fulfilled desire” of Iswara’s nature (apta-kaamatvam) the universal mother prakriti manifests herself into iccha sakti. The duality splits it into raaga & dvesha, energy (purusha) & matter (gross prakriti) regions on the two dimensional plane manifesting as the kriya sakti. The MACROCOSMIC projection completes with triple division of the UNIT CUBE as jnana sakti.

The 1/3rd part of TIME that completes a infinite three fold division and five fold consolidation (akasa, vayu, tejas, apa, pruthvi) is called creation. The next 1/3rd part of time is called sustainment of the worlds. The third 1/3rd part of reverse process of merger of five elements back to their source, the three axis back to their source of prakriti is called dissolution. The creation + sustainment + dissolution is one unit of time called “NOW” with respective to the UNIT CUBE (space).

The lokas appear in the BRAHMA’s UNIT CUBE have their own UNIT CUBES and their period of evolution defined as UNIT TIME.
Foot Note 1: Desire is classified into
a. tamas-desire = only desire exists it will never be fulfilled
b. rajas-desire = desire gets fulfilled with considerable amount of effort (action)
c. sattva-desire = desire gets fulfilled immediately without visible effort
These three types are applicable in the visible world. In the spiritual world there are three names for desire:
a. atma-kaama = the desire of self alone i.e., ever fulfilled
b. apta-kaama = the desire which arises only after getting fulfilled. i.e., only fulfillment
c. a-kaama = absolutely non desire. (this is the state of ultimate truth)

Foot Note 2: formation of 5 elements, 5 organs of perception, 5 groups of things of perception is a complex process of quintiplication. An advanced seeker can refer to the Tattvabodha & panchikaranam of Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya.

This is an attempt to verbalize most complex subject called the process of creation. Iswara is capable of simultaniously manifesting infinite MACROCOSMS. This limited EGO limited by the incapabilities of “words” and “ideas” will not be able to describe the WHOLENESS of ISWARA. The above description is only a hydrogen atom worth of this visible UNIVERSE.

krishnam vande jagadgurum.

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