Internal dimension of the Microcosm

The formation of a single dimension ego has started with the firm belief that “NOTHING” exists. This is also said to be the birth of death. This first action of apparently killing the TRUTH (or self, ATMA) is the cause of bondage to the continuous action in the microcosm.

Right from the formation of single dimension ego, the x-axis (tamas – ignorance, inertia) appears to infinitely extend and accommodate the infinite relative single dimension egos. The triple division on this single dimension happens as explained in the previous post. So, the reality is the ONE UNIT of TAMAS engages itself in the infinite division extending itself inwards. Only when the single dimension ego’s vibration reaches below 10% error between “NOT I” and “NOT NOT I” points that ego makes itself eligible for the “Grace” of Iswara. This is called DESERVING the grace. Grace comes from within.

With that grace, it elevates itself from pure ignorance to the plane of x,y the layer 1 EGO plane. The subtle body is formed with I and MINE axises. Once the EGO in the two dimensional x,y plane the triple division of the plane happens in the same way explained. When the error between the I, MINE is less than 10%, the ego makes itself eligible for a gross body. As soon as the EGO attains a gross body it appears in the three dimensional UNIT cube of BRAHMA. The appearance is depending on the configuration of the x,y identification with respective to the BRAHMA’s UNIT CUBE.

This 3rd dimension is added as the z axis of prana. The microcosmic unit cube is not a perfect unit cube, it has an error on all the sides up to a maximum of 10%. If the error goes beyond 10%, it goes back to the previous dimension.

The ultimate truth enters this unit cube as the fourth dimension when the microcosmic unit cube attains the perfection. It results in the ultimate realization of the universal form. A 4 (3+1) dimensional Hyper cube rotating on its unmoving center is realized which is one with the ultimate truth within the microcosm.

The Ultimate truth is an infinite dimension hyper cube with its unit length of the side is infinite, and the UNIT TIME of NOW is infinite that can manifest infinite hyper cubes of any finite dimensions and finite unit length with finite unit time. Hence that exists always and everywhere.

This central n+1 dimension hyper cube within the microcosm is called as KRISHNA who is the qualified Brahman. He is the sole attraction that puts the EGO into action towards perfection and finally makes the EGO realize its own status of NOTHING. There is absolutely no difference between this qualified brahman and the ultimate truth which is called EVERYTHING. Krishna is just one dimension above the EGO’s current spacial dimensions.

As long as the IDENTIFICATION exists (or the THOUGHT of “NOT is real” exists or the power of negation exits), there exists the controller of that identification (“within”) just one dimension above to make sure it can never become something……

Having realized the truth the microcosm has fulfilled its purpose and never looses its perfection. Until the end of the current vibration (revolution) the body of the realized microcosm is seen by other composite egos with bodies, minds and intellects.

Description of this ULTIMATE TRUTH came through such realized sages of past is not easy to comprehend. There is only one way to do that.

1. Follow the path of intense devotion to the iswara. This will perfect the z axis giving the required quality of sattva = “the balance’ to do the rest of the steps.
2. Follow the swadharma to perfect the action axis (y- or mine axis) This is called karma yoga. This gives the perfect equanimity to handle the emotions of desire & anger. (That are originated in the rajas)
3. Follow the path of ancient rishis to the wisdom through the correct understanding of the self. This is called jnana yoga. This path requires you to perfect the correct identification. (remove the x – axis of the wrong identification in the form of ignorance)

For the deserving seekers of truth (having perfected the error < 0.1% on all the three axises, the central controller appears as GURU externally and gives the correct knowledge to dispel the ignorance.

Any unit size in any number of dimensions can attain perfection by realization of ultimate truth. It just need to get the grace of GURU to realize the unit hypercube of n+1 dimensions.

om tat sat.

kRshnam vande jagadgurum!


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