"Free Will" and its controller

Having studied the creation process of Macrocosmic UNIT CUBE and the ever existing grace flow from within as the cause of all forces, let me give a quick explanation on the “Free Will” and its controller of Microcosm.

As the ego deserves the internal grace, it builds its own unique view of the MACROCOSM with the “microcosmic body” as the center. The unit of this view is called MIND. Within its own imagination (kalpana) it can go around in any orbital. The view looks as below.

From First Album

The original BRAHMA’s unit cube (with the allowed max 10% error) appears like an ellipsoid (BRAHMANDA). This appearance is the self imposed limitation called “mind” on the body of the EGO. The externally acting force that keeps the “electrons” of the mind (or thoughts) within the orbital is named as “VinAyaka” – meaning variously leading the mind within its limitations. This force limits the “attainment” on the left, right directions (the plane pair of lakshmi narayana of macrocosm) which is called “siddhi” and also limits the intellect of the mind on front back direction (the plane pair called vani hirnyagarbha of macrocosm) that is called “buddhi”. This force is rightly called as “GANAPATHI” as the leader of all the beings that have the “free will” or some degree of freedom. [This power called GANAPATHI is the first god to be prayed in all the sankalpas or endivours of GANAS as per Sanatana Dharma – He is the z axis centered in the individual… the “son” of plane pair uma maheswara!!]

Having achieved the error below 10% on all the three dimensions an EGO deserves this “free will”; having attained the free will it should try to attain the realization of ultimate truth. Instead it gets trapped in its own created “net” due to ignorance.

a. Devotion to Iswara,
b. Discrimination between the “essence of eternal truth” and appearance of “names & forms” and
c. Dispassion towards the non-eternal appearances are the three fundamental prerequisites to get to the ultimate truth.

These three prerequisites arise out of a clear pure heart. (See last post for the description of the light within)

That “light” alone can dispel the “net” of darkness(or ignorance) rooted in NOTHING. Getting lost in the “net” causes the EGO to go on infinitely in the net of NOTHING.

om tat sat


2 Responses to “"Free Will" and its controller”

  1. Prof.M.S.Thimmappa Says:

    Very lucid and insightful.

  2. swamiprobuddhananda Says:

    Thank you Prasadji. It was excellent. How well you bridge modern science and spirituality it amazing. God bless you, Swami Probuddhananda.

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