Final Post – The plain truth

Having explained about three dimensions, there gunas, three pairs of planes that make the unit cube, three axis, a universal center at (0,0,0) and iswara at (0,0,1) the apta-kaama (ever fulfilled desire of iswara and ever perfected knowledge of prakriti) the secret of triple division of space and time, the secret of duality of rAga and dvesha; the origin of EGO in the impossibility of double negation of NOT NOT, the dependent view of a microcosm (lOka) and its respective time units of measure in the past 32 posts; this is the last post on this blog to explain the ultimate truth in the simplest possible terms as a summary.

1. The unit measure of “Day” is due to a revolution of “I” around its EGO (identity – in this example it is EARTH).

2. The unit measure of “YEAR” is due to a revolution of “I” around its TRUE SELF. (in this example it is SUN)

3. The unit measure of “MONTH” in its appearance of birth, growth, formation, transformation, decay and death is only an “appearance” due to the “attachment” to MOON (the mind) by the body (the GROSS identification on EARTH) This attachment creates a virtual relationship between the “I” and “Mine” causing the delusion of all the six transformations. Due to this delusion (mOha) “I” and “MINE” will get into a mutual dependency and starts engaging in the preserving / protecting / propagating the FORM and NAME within their view (lOka). This generates “ACTION” based on “DESIRE” (kAma) and a bondage to the lOka. There is really NO END for these turning of the MONTHS i.e., birth and death cycles as long as the bondage (mOha) is not removed. (along with its close friends krodha, lobha, mada and matsarya)

The mOha results in the thought that “I” am the doer and basis for ‘my’ mind. (Earth thinking that Earth carries the MOON ignoring its own basis SUN) This is called AHAMKAARA (EGO in English!)

The same mOha makes “MIND” feel that it is self-effulgent. Mind thinks it is giving “light” to the BODY and senses and it is being supported by the body and senses (EARTH) The EGO identification only “sees” when MOON is there (this is called waking up state and dreaming state) It is fast asleep when the SUN is shining (it is called sushupti – or deep sleep state of the bonded being)

When mind realizes it is ultimately dependent on the self-effulgent light source (SUN) and body and senses realize that they are also ultimately based on the true self (SUN) they come out of mOha and get released from the bondage for ever completing the “YEAR”

NOTHING originates in NOTHING; TRANSFORMS and appear in NOTHING; MERGE back into NOTHING;

but, the EGO (a derived something out of NOTHING due to Ignorance) has to work hard in making and breaking the mOha – the delusion!

om tat sat
Note 1:
This whole blog is only an attempt of verbalization of very “subtle and ultimate truth” that is beyond the realm of words and mind. It flows out of an EGO’s (identified as Prasad Chitta) tasting a quarter droplet of nectar that flows out of the lotus feet of his GURU who is an infinite ocean of compassion; who is ever established in the ULTIMATE TRUTH.

Note 2:
Readers please note
a. if any of the concepts and ideas are “acceptable and useful” to them those ideas/concepts are the grace of hierarchy of GURUS (guru parampara that ends in the ultimate truth or BRAHMAN)
b. if any of the concepts and ideas that are “incorrect” in the view, those ideas/concepts are due to the SOLE ignorance of this EGO (Prasad Chitta) which is NOTHING anyway!

Note 3:
The best way to ‘use’ this blog is to read from the oldest post first using the blog archive on the top of this page. Read and Internalize the concept/idea as explained and go to the next post to finally reach this 33rd post.

Note 4:
This blog has a fulfilled purpose of teaching NOTHING about NOTHING, EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and SOMETHING about SOMETHING at NO COST what so ever!
All the best!


2 Responses to “Final Post – The plain truth”

  1. PKBS Says:

    Truly speaking, i have not understood much of what is written. i did like the conceptualization. For example, i could correlate how a nucleus of an atom becomes a single core around which one or more electrons revolves. The concept also amazed me.i hope the site will be available for me to read whenever i wish to. It would be useful, if there is one last post that provides references to available materials, so that learning can be more fun.It is good to know that you have tried to explain things in plain english. Maybe, one day you could rename – plan truths in plain english !!!

  2. Prashant Jalasutram Says:

    Great blog.Once again appreciate your enthusiasm.

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