Exadata V2 – World’s First OLTP database machine

Last year the Exadata Database machine was announced for making the data warehouse performance improvement by moving the database query processing to the storage layer.

This year, the new Exadata V2 is proven to be the fastest database machine for OLTP applications.

The trick lies in the Flash solid state storage and the 40GBPS infiniband internal network fabric used between the DB servers and the Storage servers. The full rack contains 8 database servers and 14 storage servers. There are other configurations available.

All the flash storage (600 GB per storage server) is viewed as the extended memory of the servers and it has 72GB of DDR3 memory as the cache per database server….

Guess what, an open challenge to IBM can be found at http://www.oracle.com/features/exadatachallenge.html

So, why not try out for a $10 Million prize?


3 Responses to “Exadata V2 – World’s First OLTP database machine”

  1. kevinclosson Says:

    Hi Prasad, I would like to point out that there is actually 384GB of Flash Cache per storage cell (4 F20 PCIe flash cards). The hard drives are indeed 600GB SAS (6Gb SAS at that). Also, the Infiniband network is 40Gb (about 4GB/s). In aggregate there is 5376GB Flash Cache and with the typical compression ratio of 10:1 the effective cache capacity is on the order of 5TB.

  2. Prasad Chitta Says:

    Thanks Kevin for pointing out some of the finer details. a "5TB" effective cache!! That is the key innovation. Is it not??

  3. kevinclosson Says:

    Yes that is quite an innovation.

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