siddhis – The final set of obstacles for Samadhi

In earlier posts we have seen the other sets of obstacles in the saadhana of Raja Yoga.

This posts discusses about the final set of obstacles called “siddhis” – attainments.

Siddhis are experiences of some divine hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.

What is an experience? Non discrimination between the object and enjoyer! (i.e., between temporary and the eternal)

In Yoga Sutras Vibhuti Paada, Sutra 38 states:
te samādhau upasargāḥ vyutthāne siddhayaḥ – YS 3:38

These divine experiences or perfections are obstacles for final samadhi. But they can be considered as attainments in an extroverted mind. Giving any importance to these experiences will sometimes lead to “falling off” from the path of yoga itself! These siddhis will lead the YOGI back into the status of a BHOGI…

One who cleverly crosses this final set of obstacles of divine perfections will attain the true effortless samadhi beyond ALL “experiences”!

Instruction 20:
All the experiences (including the divine experiences) are temporary. The ultimate independence is beyond all the experiences. Beware of any super natural powers that may appear and never deviate from the “saadhana” for final goal of YOGA.

The “transcendental independence” (kaivalya) is achieved by Raja Yoga is only possible for the one who has developed the highest vairagya i.e., vairagya from all fruits of action either worldly or heavenly! (the fruits should always be surrendered to the LORD – the first principle of Karma Yoga and last niyama of Raja Yoga)

om tat sat

3 Responses to “siddhis – The final set of obstacles for Samadhi”

  1. Arunachalam Says:

    Prasad Garu, Fantastic post! I think this is where Guru and Guru's grace becomes very critical..-Umashankar

  2. Saddam Says:

    I was searching for information about yoga and found your blog interesting. No doubt it has very good content and photos. Thanks for posting

  3. ChaMpaN..At HiS bEsT Says:

    Chandanakella writes : In a book which I read,according to Vedanta,for those who are willing to attain samadhi(Absorption of mind in Brahman,i.e.,GOD) there are four great obstacles. They are1) Torpidity,2) Distraction,3) Attachment, and4) Enjoyment of Bliss.To attain Brahman is to be blessed. Blessedness is not its attribute but the very stuff of which it is made.Thanks,Chandan Akella.

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