The "prerequisites" for Jnana Yoga

Effort can take a saadhaka only till karma yoga and raja yoga. The siddhi of these two yogas is limited to the “knowledge” of the nature of the individual jeeva.

Effort ceases immediately after tuning the “receiver”; it just starts receiving the signal from the universal knowledge store – iswara. During the karma yoga and raja yoga processes (of tuning the receiver) a saadhaka acquires the following four prerequisites.

Instruction 22:

1. viveka – the power of discrimination between eternal and non-eternal
2. vairagya – the dispassion towards non-eternal things that are worldly or heavenly
3. saadhana sampatti – subtle wealth required for saadhana
a. sama – internal sense control
b. dama – external sense control
c. sraddha – faith on iswara, scripture (iswara’s words) and guru (the medium of delivery)
d. titiksha – endurance capacity to endure adversity of internal and external nature
e. uparati – being happy with what is in hand not hankering for objects
f. samadhanam – equanimity towords pairs of opposites i.e., samadhi

4. mumukshutvam – intense desire for liberation

Liberation is only possible through “Jnana”. The Jnana is acquired by “jignasa” or attentively listening to the words of lord!

In the choosen “text” Srimad Bhagavad Gita has 18 adhyayas. The first six adhyayas are dedicated to teach the effort required to gain prerequisites to higher knowledge of LORD (and the correct realization of true nature of individual – jeeva); The second set of six adhyayas explain the nature of LORD (iswara and his power that manifests as world – jagat) in his own words; and the third set of six chapters explain the ultimate relationship between jeeva and jagat & iswara.

“jignasa” actually means “vichara”. It is not questioning. It is the process of getting the answers.

This “brahma jignasa” is called vedanta. It is the process of gaining the right knowledge of infinite (brahma means infinite) effortlessly.


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