Summary of past nine posts

In past posts thirty verses of seventh Adhyaya of Srimad Bhagavad Gita were explained to the best of my ability.

They are:

This is one of the most complete answer to most of the philosophical questions. Lord starts with his lower differentiated nature and higher nature that holds everything. He explains the “Universal” aspect of his higher nature in everything that appears due to specific arrangement of his lower nature. Most important concept of three bhavas satva, rajas & tamas are derived from this combination but he is not in them. The result of getting trapped in the bhavas and giving them equal “reality” causes the higher status for ignorance and those who take up this stand gets inflicted by evil. Lord gives a description of Nobel Souls and best among the noble ones. Lord gives an account of people with limited intellegence going to limited manifestations and attaining limited results. Lord declares his transcendence and his direct knowledge of everything beyond any differentiation of time. Finally lord declares that how beings get into this “sargam” and get out of it.

People who complete the full circle have the clear understanding of lord’s indescribable higher nature of brahma, atma and karma as well as the lower nature of elements, their controllers and the sacrifice.

So, an individual is a mis-identified (ahamkaara) entity that arises out of specific arrangement of lower nature of lord.

Even though powered by the lord’s higher undifferentiated nature, the attachment with ahamkaara keeps the individual mis-identification causing the ignorance.

This individual ahamkaara starts judging the rest of the manifestation as satva, rajas and tamas. This judgment causes experiences and impressions on the individual.

Depending on the importance given to this ignorance an individual can take up daemonic, mixed or noble forms and carryout actions. based on the actions, each individual reaps the fruit of those actions.

At the point when all the “sins” are washed away by doing righteous work, an individual surrenders himself back to the highest reality.

He receives the truth about the whole thing properly and goes back to the highest reality. Until that point of time the individual will keep going around in the ‘sargam’

Lord is NEVER partial and beyond all the duality. Only due to individual’s attachment to temporary things and actions thereof, they get the fruits ordained by the Lord.

Most importantly this KNOWLEDGE is equally available with every being. It was covered/stolen by the ignorance born out of attachment to finite manifestations. All the effort required in removing this “ignorance cover” only. No action can never produce any new Knowledge which was originally not there!

At this stage readers are requested to study these verses on their own in original samskrutam for internalizing the facts provided in them. One should meditate on the meaning of this chapter before progressing to the next one.


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