The secret of Creation

Lord gives a recap of creation:

महर्षयः सप्त पूर्वे चत्वारो मनवस्तथा।
मद्भावा मानसा जाता येषां लोक इमाः प्रजाः।।10.6।।
10.6 महर्षयः the great Rishis, सप्त seven, पूर्वे ancient, चत्वारः four, मनवः Manus, तथा also, मद्भावाः possessed of powers like Me, मानसाः from mind, जाताः born, येषाम् from whom, लोके in world, इमाः these, प्रजाः creatures.

From Swami Sivananda’s commentary:

“The seven great sages represent the seven planes also. In the macrocosm, Mahat or cosmic Buddhi, Ahamkara or the cosmic egoism and the five Tanmatras or the five root-elements of which the five great elements, viz., earth, water, fire, air and ether are the gross forms, represent the seven great sages. This gross universe with the moving and the unmoving beings and the subtle inner world have come out of the above seven principles. In mythology or the Puranic terminology these seven principles have been symbolised and give human names. Bhrigu, Marichi, Atri, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu and Vasishtha are the seven great sages. In the microcosm, Manas (mind), Buddhi (intellect), Chitta (subconsciousness) and Ahamkara (egoism) have been symbolised as the four Manus and given human names. The first group forms the base of the macrocosm. The second group forms the base of the microcosm (individuals). These two groups constitute this vast universe of sentient life. Madbhava: with their being in Me, of My nature.”

The “ancient four” are the mind born sons of Lord who are described as follows:

“The four Kumaras (chaste, ascetic youths) declined to marry and create offspring. They preferred to remain perpetual celibates and to practise Brahma-Vichara or profound meditation on Brahman or the Absolute.”

We can also see from a later verse lord stats that out of maharshis, he is Bhrigu.
From the seventh chapter, we see the eight fold lower nature (that pertains to macrocosm) has MANAS -> buddhi, ahamkaara, kham, vayu, anala, apa, bhumi as eight fold prakruti.

Key point:
All the macrocosm and microcosm has its origin in the Lord alone. (or born out of Lord’s MANAS = MIND) That is his Vibhuti.

एतां विभूतिं योगं च मम यो वेत्ति तत्त्वतः।
सोऽविकम्पेन योगेन युज्यते नात्र संशयः।।10.7।।

My Comments:
1. Lord’s thoughts “manifest” without any effort as seven great Rishis or fundamental principles of macrocosm, as well as four kumaras, and as manus originating the microcosm.

2. Lord’s manifestation is non-different from his nature in its true essence.

3. Only through the process of “yoga” one can realize the oneness of Lord’s manifestation and his true nature.

om tat sat


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  1. Prasanth Jalasutram Says:

    nice article prasad garu.

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