modes of BHAKTI

Lord goes on explaining the methods or modes of engaging in the process of fusion with the Lord (bhakti) as follows:

12-6 & 12-7: Ananya Yoga: Dedicate all the actions to the lord and considering the LORD as the SINGLE supreme goal. (Sannyasa); For those who can do this, LORD will deliver them from the “mrityu samsaara saagara” i.e., the trans-migratory world appearance. (Jnana Yoga)

12-8: O Partha, Merge a. Buddhi (the capacity of reasoning) and b. Manas (the capacity of doubting) in LORD. You are sure to merge in the Lord. (Raja Yoga)

12-9: If that is not possible, O Dhananjaya (conquerer of wealth!) continuously practice. (Abhyasa Yoga) is the mode you should get on to.

12-10: If Abhyasa is also not possible: Do all the actions for the LORD’s sake. Thereby you will achieve perfection. (Karma Yoga Phase 2)

12-11: Even if that is not possible: Leave all the fruits of actions to the LORD. (Karma Yoga Phase 1)

By looking at this sequence one can mis-understand that leaving all the fruits of action to the LORD (i.e., Karma Yoga Phase 1) is the inferior BHAKTI.

To avoid any such confusion LORD clarifies as follows:

श्रेयो हि ज्ञानमभ्यासाज्ज्ञानाद्ध्यानं विशिष्यते।

12.12 श्रेयः better, हि indeed, ज्ञानम् knowledge, अभ्यासात् than practice, ज्ञानात् than knowledge, ध्यानम् meditation, विशिष्यते excels, ध्यानात् than meditation, कर्मफलत्यागः the renunciation of the fruits of actions, त्यागात् from renunciation, शान्तिः peace, अनन्तरम् immediately

“TYAGA” – renunciation of fruits of all actions will lead to the immediate peace that is called BHAKTI.

None of the “modes” of BHAKTI is superior or inferior to the other. Whatever best suits an individual can perform that mode as explained above. Knowledge suits some, meditation suits some one else, karma suits others and renunciation suits some others! But the final result of any mode of BHAKTI is the “unceasing peace” (santi anantaram)!

Bhakti is the means and also the goal in itself!

Bhakti is all about perfecting the “yoga” that suits you. It is Not comparing different “yogas” that are available!! All yogas will lead you into this process of fusion (bhakti) with the ultimate TRUTH.

om tat sat

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