The eternal choice between ISWARA and ahamkaara

Lord summarizes the whole of the scripture between verses 56 and 63 of 18th Adhyaya of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

These verses are best heard from a realized sage in their original words!

I will try to summarize my limited understanding as follows.

O Arjuna :
18.56: Take refuge in me perform all the “actions”; by my grace attain the eternal, imperishable abode of me.
18.57: Surrender all your “thoughts” in me; Take the “buddhi yogam” and enter into my being.
18.58: Offer your “heart” to me; you shall be freed from all difficulties by my grace. But if you take refuge in your own ahamkaara (differentiated individual nature!) you will surely perish!

18.59: Out of your ego (ahamkaara) if you decide “I will not fight”, that decision of yours will be wrong and your own nature (prakruti) will compel you to fight.
18.60: O Arjuna, the work you do not want to do out of aversion, you will helplessly perform bound by innate nature of activity. (mohaat nibaddha swena karmanaa!!)

18.61: Iswara is seated in the heart of every being. He makes the instruments of body, mind and intellect move around through his maaya.
18.62: Surrender to HIM (Iswara) alone. With his grace you will attain eternal peace which is permanent.

18.63: This knowledge which is given to you is the secret of all secrets. After careful deliberation of the WHOLE of it, do what you want!

So, everyone is driven by Iswara (The integrated whole) sitting in their own “hriddesa” (heart is all pervading) by his potency that moves the instruments of equipment (yantra). During the movement, ahamkaara raises bringing the differentiated individuality.

The FREE WILL is given to the individual to choose between “Surrendering to Iswara” or “being controlled by maaya/ahamkaara”. There is absolutely no force on any individual to choose either way…

The choice is yours! Deliberate on the whole of the scripture as a whole and then take the decision.

om tat sat


One Response to “The eternal choice between ISWARA and ahamkaara”

  1. Prasanth Jalasutram Says:

    excellent and i completely agree with you prasad garu.

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