The final words of Lord after Instruction

Having instructed all that need to be instructed, Lord makes sure the “student” had clarified ALL his doubts.

कच्चिदेतच्छ्रुतं पार्थ त्वयैकाग्रेण चेतसा।
कच्चिदज्ञानसंमोहः प्रनष्टस्ते धनञ्जय।।18.72।।

18.72 कच्चित् whether, एतत् this, श्रुतम् heard, पार्थ O son of Kunti (Arjuna), त्वया by thee, एकाग्रेण one-pointed, चेतसा by mind, कच्चित् whether, अज्ञानसंमोहः the delusion of ignorance, प्रनष्टः has been destroyed, ते thy, धनञ्जय O Dhananjaya.

Commentary of Swami Sivananda: It is the duty of the spiritual teacher or preceptor to make the aspirant understand the teaching of the scripture and to enable him to attain the goal of life (Moksha). If the student has not grasped the subject he will have to explain it in some other way with similes, analogies and illustrations. That is the reason why Lord Krishna asks Arjuna: “Has the delusion of thy ignorance been destroyed?”This: What I have told thee.Have you heard it, O Arjuna, with one-pointed mind? Have you grasped My teaching?Delusion of ignorance: The absence of discrimination which is caused by ignorance and which is natural. The destruction of delusion is the aim of all this endeavour on your part to hear the scripture and the exertion on My part as the teacher.

अर्जुन उवाच

नष्टो मोहः स्मृतिर्लब्धा त्वत्प्रसादान्मयाच्युत।
स्थितोऽस्मि गतसन्देहः करिष्ये वचनं तव।।18.73।।

18.73 नष्टः is destroyed, मोहः delusion, स्मृतिः memory (knowledge), लब्धा has been gained, त्वत्प्रसादात् through Thy grace, मया by me, अच्युत O Krishna, स्थितः अस्मि I remain, गतसन्देहः freed from doubts, करिष्ये (I) will do, वचनम् word, तव Thy.

Commentary Of Swami Sivananda: Moha: Delusion: This is the strongest weapon of Maya to take the Jivas in Her clutch. It is born of ignorance. It is the cause of the whole evil of Samsara. It is as hard to cross as the ocean.Smritih: I have attained knowledge of the true nature of the Self. The whole aim of Sadhana or spiritual practice and the study of scriptures is the annihilation of delusion and the attainment of the knowledge of the Self. When one gets it, the three knots or ties of ignorance, viz., ignorance, delusion (desire) and action are destroyed, all the doubts are cleared, and all the Karmas are destroyed.”To him who beholds the Self in all beings, what delusion is there, what grief?” (Isavasya Upanishad, 7)I shall do Thy word: Arjuna means to say, “I am firm in Thy command. Through Thy grace I have achieved the end of life. I have nothing more to do.”

om tat sat


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  1. kanfusion Says:

    Usually I follow hundreds of blogs…but i have not yet reached a state of erudition to comment over these divine articles. Reading is the pleasure. I will not copy any of the blog verbatim but my brain absorbs it and may produce some lesser output. Great.. God appears to be your tenant. Namo namah

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