Oracle database 12c

I have been seeing Oracle database form 6, 7, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g and now it is going to be called 12c – c as in Cloud. OOW12 revealed the new architecture. (there was no tail for 6 and 7…. i stood for internet, g for Grid….. )

The new release with a fundamental architectural change to the data dictionary that gives a concept of “Pluggable Database” – PDB over the standard oracle system “Container Database” – CDB.

The obj$ of Oracle database dictionary will contain all the information of objects in the current architecture.  It is being split into CDB and PDB going forward for easing the “multi-tenant” private cloud databases.

This fundamental seperation of the data dictionary provides
a. Better security of multiple “databases” on the same instance
b. Seperation of CDB from other PDBs will allow easy upgrades.
c. All PDBs will share the instance and overall management of the consolidated database should be much simpler.

Excited about the cloud enabled, multi-tenant, pluggable database from Oracle! 

So, let us wait and see when the stable 12.2 will come out to roll out the new database into production….


One Response to “Oracle database 12c”

  1. suresh Says:

    Well, I started with oracle version 5.2 that was without plsql and reports. Only forms , pro*c & SQl. Report generation & Formatting in SQL was a challenge!. As newer versions are released……. those challenges are least significant. Everything is built-in & click of a button.

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