King’s Duty – rAjapraNithiH

The holistic system mentioned in the past post is run by a “rajaRSi” ( An enlightened King )

In 19th adhyaya of artha SAstra, cANakya describes the duties of such King.

राज्ञो हि व्रतमुत्थानम् यज्ञः कार्यानुशासनम्
दक्षिणा वृत्तिसाम्यं च दीक्षितस्याभिषेचनम् 

“One should always remember this. A King should always be ready to protect. He should consider the maintenance of kingdom as sacrifice (yaJna). The dakshiNa is respecting all vRttis (all people) equally. His dIksha (holy owe) is governance alone.

प्रजा सुखे सुखम् राज्ञः प्रजानां च हिते हितम्
न आत्मप्रियम् हितम् राज्ञः प्रजानां तु प्रियम् हितम्

In the happiness of people is indeed the happiness of the King. In the well-being of the people indeed is the well-being of the King. King should never think what is good for him is good for people; Indeed, whatever is good for people is really good for the King.

So, the King should always be upright and OWN the governance of the territory that is only good for kingdom as well as the King.

Such a rAjaRSi is also referred as vijigIshu who owns the complete responsibility for the establishment and governance of the holistic system.He is not alone, he is supported by several other roles making up the system. But the key is to have a focal point for the System. It is the “Enlightened King” or rAjaRSi.


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