Establishing the importance of Philosophy (anvIkShikI)

This is continuation of the last post – Yesterday, in the last post we have seen cANakya feels the philosophy is an important part of education (especially to the Leader)

सांख्यम् योगः लोकायतं चेत् अन्वीक्षिकी । धर्माधर्मौ त्रय्याम् । अर्थानर्थौ वार्तायाम् । नयापनयौ दण्डनीत्याम् । बलाबले च एतासां हेतुभिः अन्वीक्षमाणा अन्वीक्षिकी लोकस्य उपकरोति, व्यसने अभ्युदये च बुद्धिं अवस्थापयति; प्रज्ञावाक्यक्रिया वैशारद्यं च करोति ॥

sAmkhya, yOga, lOkAyata together are anvIkShikI. dharma and adharma will be known through trayi. artha and anartha are discussed in vArta. naya i.e., governance and apanaya i.e., mis-governance are understood by daNDanIti. By means of evaluating the pro and cons and by testing through the reasoning philosophy helps the worldly transactions. Also, philosophy establishes a equanimity towards the situations of bad (vyasana) and good (abhyudaya) times. It also improves the ability to perform duties properly, makes one to express better and improves the concentration of mind.

प्रदीपः सर्व विद्यानां उपायः सर्व कर्मणाम् ।
आश्रयः सर्व धर्माणां शश्वदन्वीक्षिकी मता ॥

Elders state “(philosophical inquiry is) the light that shows proper meaning of all vidyas,
provides techniques (upAya) for all the actions (karmas)
covers all dharmas”

That is the importance of philosophy in the view of cANakya. It is the number one skill needed for the Leader. That is why we call the Leader as rAjaRSi. (kingly sage!)


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