trayI sthapana – Establishing importance of Vedas in the society

Yesterday, we have seen the discussion around the importance of philosophy as a vidya. Now cANakya goes to establish the importance of Vedas in the third chapter of artha SAstra.

What is included as Vedas?
sAma, Rk and yajur vedas are called trayI. atharvavEda, itihAsas (bharata, rAmAyaNa etc., ) are also included in this part of education. The angas are siksha, vyAkaraNa, nirukta, chhandas, kalpa and jyotisha.

How does it help?
एष त्रयी धर्मः। चतुर्णां वर्णानाम् आश्रमाणां च स्वधर्मे स्थापनात् उपकारिकः ॥
dharma means that which holds everything together as a whole. In modern language we can say it is something like gravity.

It provides a reference model and helps in defining the swadharma (prescribed duties) of four varNas and ASramas. (Please refer to my past post!/2009/05/true-order-of-society.html )

Veda also defines the sAmAnya dharma i.e, universal principles of human race. (as follows)
सर्वेषां अहिंसा सत्यं सौचं अनसूया अनृशंश्यं क्षमा च​।
for all, non injury, truthfulness, agreement between thought-word-action triad i.e, purity called saucam, not feeling jealous of others, not being cruel, forgiveness are the fundamental dharmas. These principles are applicable to all.

That’s why king should make everyone follow their swadharma. By following swadharma (one’s own prescribed duties) one can be happy here in this world and later in the other world.

तस्मात् स्वधर्मं भूतानां राजा न व्यभिचारयेत्
स्वधर्मं सन्दधानो हे प्रेत्य च् इह च नन्दति

व्यवस्थितार्यमर्यादा कृत वर्णाश्रमस्थितिः
त्रय्या हि रक्षितो लोकः प्रसीदति न सीदति

The lOka (world) which is protected by trayI by establishing the divine regulations will always be happy. It will never get destroyed.

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