bhUmi chhidra vidhAnam – Dealing with uncultivable land

Having dealt with establishing janapadas in first chapter, cANakya now takes up the subject of using the land that is not suitable for cultivation.

  • 1. The land should be kept for domestic animals’ for grazing grass.

  • 2. Forest areas where it is safe for vAnaprasthas and tApasis (there is an important stage of life called vAnaprasthas – retiring to a vana i.e, forest. Generally, the spiritual teachers will go far away from the villages living on the natural non cultivated produce of forests. After a person attains retirement age, he/she goes in search of a spiritual teacher into the forest. This third stage of life is comes after the second stage gRhastha i.e., householder life and before sannyasa, complete renunciation of activities which is fourth) should be established. Such abhaya araNyas should be protected by the King.

  • 3. A mRga vanam (something like a modern zoological park) where different animals (tamed) lives should be established, which can be used for Kings vihAra i.e, pleasant walk.

  • 4. Near the boarder or depending on suitable land, a forest should be developed for guest animals to come and live. All the animals need to be duly protected in the forests.

  • 5. Environment should be created for good growth of elephants as they can be used for different purposes after domestication.

Overall, exploitation of the land should be avoided. Not too much of construction of janapadas, not exploiting the other animals and trees of forests. All of these bio-spheres have their own importance in the ecosystem. Suitable forest produce processing plants should be established near the forest.

A leader is not only a leader for best performers and productive followers. He should also consider protecting other non tax paying beings who are needed for Eco-balance.

Today’s “green”…. initiatives have been documented in teacher cANakya’s artha SAstra. This post brings us to the end of 20th topic and 23rd chapter from the beginning. (This is the 25th post on to this blog!)


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