Five cycles of saadhana

On this bhIshmm EkAdaSi of srI vijaya year, it is the start of sixth revolution of this tiny Earth around its basis after the little ego identified its dependent appearance.

BhagavAn ramaNa says:

अहम् अपेतकं निज विभानकम्
महत् इदं तपो रमण वागियम्

As a review of past revolution, a good two months has been spent on “writing” on upadeSa sAram on Medium –

Saadhana is for removal of the ego. Saadhana should sink deep into the core of very being of the saadhaka. That is the greatest tapas. The tapas should be done in most gentle, most gracious method as provided by the successive teachers starting from Lord NarayaNa, Lord Brahma, BhagavAn vaSishTha, all the way down to my Guru through the great philosopher of all time Adi Sankara bhagavadpAda AcAraya.

It is bliss all the way through the saadhana, it is bliss that is attained by the saadhana and most importantly it is the same bliss everything ever originated from!!

om tat sat.

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