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Trapping criminals and their "networks"

August 31, 2014

Chapters 5 and 6 of kaNTaka SOdhanam, cANakya focus on the aspects of catching criminals by trapping them in a pre-planned methods.

We have earlier seen appointing failed sanyasis in the service of King as one of the intelligence agency called tApasa vyanjanaH.

Now we see past criminals who have now been serving King (after necessary training & testing) along with the tApasa vyanjanas to trap the criminals along with their networks by making them steal the marked items and see how those items are moving. For example a gold item is stolen someone should buy such stolen goods. There will be a network associated with the criminals. criminals associate themselves. Generally the kingpin of the criminal network will not come into the direct operation. It is important to catch the complete network to establish righteousness.

So, the agents of king in the form of siddhas (people with magical powers) with the help of past criminals who are well versed with the mentality of criminals should attract the criminals to them and show them some magical powers and make a grand plan. Once the complete group is involved in the crime, then the should be caught red handed and punished suitably. If the situation warrants, the criminals should be killed in the encounter. 

If anyone handling the goods or animals that were stolen in the transactions of buying and selling, king should arrest them and prosecute them to find out how they acquired them.

If any insider is involved in the theft, (one of the family member helps the criminal in the crime), reasons for such involvement should be investigated, the insider could have some criminal tendencies as well.

As a whole, the pradEshTha, gOpa, shtAnika (magistrate / police officer, local revenue officer and intelligence head of locality) should work together to root out any criminal tendencies within their jurisdiction. 

This post brings us to the end of 6th chapter of 4th book of artha sAstra.

gUDha jIva raksha – Protecting people from "secret erners"

August 19, 2014

In 4th chapter of kaNTaka sOdhanam, cANakya lists thirteen (13) types of people who could earn secret income or take bribes by misusing the power or abilities they have. They need to be caught red-handed and punished suitably.

In a past post we have discussed sending secret agents to other territories. (ref: ). Now we shall discuss using intelligence agency in catching internal thorns.

1. dharmastha – judge: When in doubt an agent to approach the judge and request him to save one of the culprit by taking bribe.

2. pradEshTha – magistrate

3. grAma mukha – head of a village

4. adhyaksha – a superintend of a department

5. kUTa sAkshi – false witness

6. kUTa srAvaka – who can give false evidence / alibi

7. samvasana karta – a mesmerizer using drugs / magical spells

8. kRtyASIla and 9. abhicAra SIla – those who cause danger to others by spells and tricks

10. rasada – dealer of poisons

11. madana yOga vyavahArta – dealer of drugs

12. kUTa rUpa karta – one makes counterfeit currency

13. kUTa swarna vyavahAri – one who deals with adulterating gold

As a first step, a samAharta i.e., an Administrator should identify the people who may be spending more than their declared incomes. The agents in the disguise of monks, singers, fortune tellers, acting as mentally challenged, acting as deaf, blind, doctors, managers of pubs, managers of brothels, sellers of food items and meat etc., should approach them in a suitable manner and gain their confidence. Later they should be tested suitably for their purity & corruption.

Having proven guilty / corrupt, all these thirteen types of people of secret earnings should be punished and exiled away from the country.

Having caught them, the administrator should show them publicly and proclaim the omniscience of the King to the people of the country.

Thus we reach the end of 4th chapter of 4th book of artha SAstra called kaNTaka SOdhanam.


August 16, 2014

శ్రియాశ్లిష్టో విష్ణుః స్థిరచరగురుర్వేదవిషయో
ధియాం సాక్షీ శుద్ధో హరిరసురహంతాబ్జనయనః
గదీ శంఖీ చక్రీ విమలవనమాలీ స్థిరరుచిః
శరణ్యో లోకేశో మమ భవతు కృష్ణోఽక్షివిషయః

All pervading Vishnu, embraced and surrounded by SrI, elder and guru of moving and unmoving, the subject matter of Vedas, the witness of minds, ever purified, the purifier, annihilator of daemons of darkness, of lotus eyes, holder of mace, conch shell and the discus, wearing amazingly pure garland of flowers, of established brightness, one who gives refuge and protection to seekers, lord of the worlds, kRSNa, be visible to / the subject matter of my (worldly) eyes.

For full kRshNAsTakam:

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